Ringstetten is Ready for the Wurst


NEVER FEAR! Oktoberfest is a blast even if the weather fails to cooperate. Castle on Tap is prepared with tents, dj, and Ringstetten’s cozy bar, lodge, and porch. Did someone say fire? 


If you’ve been following the forecast this week, you’ve been watching the storms roll in and perhaps wondering what’ll happen with Castle on Tap this Saturday. With only scattered showers expected tomorrow, EFDC and Billy Murphy’s Irish Saloon have decided to go ahead with the event, woot!

Of course, if we get a lot of rain that’ll put a (ahem) damper on lawn games and spreading out on blankets. But on the plus side: Castle Ringstetten was designed to entertain guests, it’s essentially just a big lodge with an amazing Victorian bar and sweeping riverside porch. We can light their massive fireplace! There’s not really a down side to taking the party indoors.

And who says we’ll be stuck indoors? We’re setting up a dozen tents on the grounds, which frankly only adds to our party’s authenticity — you know how they party at Oktoberfest in Germany? Under tents!



Germans are used to cold, rainy weather this time of year — and so are Philadelphians, come to think. When storms roll in, both cultures take cover in meat, starch, beer. Billy Murphy’s Beer Garden tents provide a great place to watch the rain, catch some fresh air, and make room for another plate of spaetzle.

One possible bummer, though: the slide. Obviously we do not want to get the 100-year-old wood wet. If it’s raining, we can’t use the slide. If this happens, we hope to promote a rain date soon after so that kids and adults can try it out. It’d be a shame to dismantle this hand-crafted, antique relic without its neighborhood swan song.

Castle on Tap ticket holders — get ready for a unique and exciting event with food, history, music, and Wissahickon Brewing Company‘s debut brew for East Falls.



Be the first Fallser to try WBC’s Belgian Strong Ale spiced with fresh mango, blood orange, and ruby grapefruit. Called Tripel Citrus, it’s got hints of clove & coriander (along with 8.5 ABV).  Owner Tim Gill will be on-hand at Ringstetten to answer questions about his new operation opening soon on Schoolhouse.

Get ready for East Falls’ first Oktoberfest, rain or shine! As the saying goes, there’s no bad weather, just unsuitable clothing. Get our your galoshes, your rain hats, your water-repellent jackets, and plastic protectors of all kinds. And let’s party like Bavarians at Castle Ringstetten!



And now a message from our sponsor…

Hello: A few updates about tomorrow’s event. First thank you very much for supporting us. We’re excited to think that your contribution will one day make a river landing near the Falls Bridge a reality. It will return the Falls to its roots by allowing our neighbors a chance to reconnect to the river.


Many of you may be keeping your eye on the forecast tomorrow. We have been too and have decided that the risk of rain is low enough that we’ll continue with the event as planned.

We plan to have several tents situated on the Ringstetten grounds which, in addition to the wide porch and spacious main hall, will accommodate a very large crowd if needed. Of course, our hope is that everyone will get a chance to enjoy some lawn games, ride the Redeemer church wooden slide or even spread out on the grounds with a blanket!


Paulaner Marzen or Wissahickon Brewing Company Belgian Tripel? Hard to decide where you’ll use your complimentary beer ticket. If you’d like to try both (the Wissahickon Brewing beer is making its debut in East Falls) make sure you bring cash. You can purchase extra tickets to use while you enjoy the delicious handmade Oktoberfest spread from Rieker’s Prime Meats.


Keep an eye out for one of our volunteers directing you to the parking areas around Ringstetten. The main parking area is located next-door to Ringstetten, behind the old West River Japanese Banquet Hall (4489 Kelly Drive). Google map location here MAP

You can also park on Merrick Road just above Ridge Avenue (next to the East River Bank – 4316 Merrick road for GPS purposes) MAP PLEASE NOTE: No parking is allowed in the lot behind East River bank – it is a private lot and non-residents are subject to towing.

Lastly, there will be some parking spots on Ridge Avenue, directly across from Ringstetten. MAP (Sorry no address, just GPS coordinates)

Thanks again for your support. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!


Gina Snyder

East Falls Development Corporation




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