Rite of Spring: The Flower Show Returns


Happy Spring! Our staff’s self-professed “flower fanatic” gives us a jump on spring with her brilliant photos & wrap-up from the Philadelphia Flower Show. 

EastfallsLocal Phila Flower Show collage

We got off easy this winter but that didn’t stop me from getting to this year’s Flower Show as fast as I could. (Twice yet!)

Bad winter or mild one, I can’t wait for spring to start once the calendar flips to March. There’s just a hint of color on the streets of East Falls (daffodils in particular have started popping up all over) and it makes me want to see more.

EastFallsLocal flower show mirror image

Call me a flower fanatic (try to say that ten times really fast), but I’m a true believer in “flower power” — a beautiful bushel of roses or tulips adds a nice, sweet pop of color and cheer to any room or space. And just like everyone else, I go to the Flower Show to be amazed.

pastel roses

I also went to the show to be inspired. I love doing a bit of spring gardening in my little backyard here on Penn Street, and was hoping to look for inspiration — the newest flower trends, what to include in window displays, how to add a little extra curb appeal. I left the show with new ideas swimming in my head, hoping to experiment with my garden in the upcoming months.

I arrived early both days, trying to beat the crowd in the morning, but it seems that everyone had the same idea. As I entered the Philadelphia Convention Center, it was already full, bustling with early risers who were hoping catch a good glimpse of the flowers before they start to wilt.

EastFallsLocal bear

The theme this year was National Parks, which was quite fitting, since the National Park Service is celebrating 100 years of preserving our national treasures. There were floral designs from many parks, including Yosemite and Yellowstone, showcasing the natural wonders of those beautiful places. There were also sculptures, including my favorite – a life-sized wood and corrugated steel grizzly bear made to look like an abandoned mine by artist Emily White.

Then there were the old crowd favorites — miniature settings, window displays, bonsais, and demonstrations on how to achieve the best, most succulent bouquet, all rated and ranked by an anonymous group of judges who like to leave detailed, and at times snarky, comments about the displays.

pink ones

I noticed that many of the flowers on display had already started to blossom in East Falls. There were tulips, succulent ranunculus and pink flowery cherry blossom petals. It reminded me of the red buds and dogwoods starting to bloom in McMichael Park and the daffodils sprouting outside many East Falls houses.
The show did not disappoint. It was the perfect way to welcome spring (and longer days and warmer weather) to Philadelphia. I can’t wait to get into my garden.

more roses

More pics & commentary on Katherine’s blog. Don’t forget to follow her fantastic East Falls photos on our Instagram!

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