Scout and About: Five Scouting Lessons this Summer

Summer’s coming and outdoor adventures await in East Falls and beyond for Boy Scout Troop 474. Got a budding scout in your house? Archery, first aid, and firebuilding are just a few of the things he could learn this season.

When Joe Petrone of Petrone Realty was a kid, half the scouts in Troop 474 were from East Falls. “It was great, everybody came out and we did all kinds of fun wilderness and survival stuff.” Joe loved it so much, he volunteers today as a scoutmaster for the Troop. “We’ve got a good group from Roxborough and Manayunk, but we could always use more East Falls guys,” he told us recently.

They meet in the “Scout House” off of Henry Avenue in Roxborough, a 60+ year old scout station that has a fire pit, archery range, and a test camping area among other things. “It’s a cool historic building that also serves girl scouts and cub scouts too. The kids learn all kinds of cool stuff.”

Joe on scout rafting trip (2nd from left)

Like what? He gave us five quick things scouts can learn this summer:

  1. On our camping trips the kids organize the event from start to finish. The adults only chaperone.  This builds a lot of maturity and sense of responsibility.
  2. This includes the menu as well as cooking and clean up. It develops a lot of real-world skills.
  3. First Aid. First aid is worked into many competitive events in scouting.  The kids know how to react in emergency situations. One of our current scouts won a medal and was recognized on the news for saving a toddler.
  4. Hiking for miles and camping with only what you can carry is an exciting challenge and a thrilling achievement for a young boy.
  5. Building Fires. Kids learn how to properly make a fire like a classic Log Cabin or TeePee fire and how to put them out safely.

Get Your Scout Started
Troop 474 meets every Wednesday at 7PM.

The Scout House

726 E. Wigard St. (near intersection of Henry Ave. and Wigard St.)


Questions? Call Joe Petrone at 610-247-8668

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