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Buy a print, help save a beloved pet who inspired local talent Jay McClellan to embrace love and art in his life.  (PURCHASE HERE)

Oh no, not Honey!  🙁

This rescue hound from Arkansas pretty much rescued her owner when he needed a lift during hard times. Now, Coulter Street artist Jay McClellan scrambles to return the favor…

When we first interviewed Jay in 2015, he drove home how lost he’d felt after his mom’s death years ago when he was a successful (but passion-less) commercial graphic artist. Adopting Honey (and her buddy Tip) opened him up to new possibilities. Jay sold his car, bought a van, and enrolled in the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Today, you’ll find Jay’s playful, distinctive paintings in all three White Dog Cafe locations, and also in many Mt. Airy & Chestnut Hill galleries where he’s a perennial favorite. Fallsers are also likely to run into Jay and his wife, Stephanie, out walking their dogs Lucky, Ava… and Honey — who now needs our help.

(From the McClellan’s GoFundMe):

A lot of you may know Honey from her famous painting at White Dog Café in Haverford. Honey came to me at a time in my life when I really needed her, and she’s greatly impacted my life and my artwork. Many people have shared stories with me about how Honey’s paintings have touched their lives positively as well.

Stephanie & I are expecting our first child in five weeks, but our happiness has been curtailed by Honey’s emergency diagnosis: she has a mass on her spleen, which needs to be removed immediately to keep her alive. Every day it remains, she runs the risk of bleeding out and dying.

In an effort to raise money as quickly as possible, we’re offering limited-edition, hand-pulled, 11″ x 14″ screen prints of Honey’s famous White Dog Cafe painting — one of my all-time most popular images — for a donation of $35.00 to Honey’s medical fund. USPS shipping included! 

CLICK HERE TO ORDER. Every penny of your purchase goes to Honey’s surgery and recovery. Better yet, this joyful, vibrant print reminds us to live life in the moment like Honey — and to believe in our dreams, like Jay.

Jay McClellan Studios
Pet artist of East Falls! Jay’s a PAFA-trained painter who creates colorful canvases of the furriest members of your family. Truly special works of fine art, entirely personal and surprisingly affordable. 
Coulter Street

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