Sick Kicks: Converse is the King of Collabs

From funky to fabulous, this classic sneaker can bump up your style.

Converse has long been a staple in many people’s wardrobes because of the iconic silhouette and style. The company started back in 1908 as an athletic shoe brand, and it has truly grown to be an international icon. The shoes themselves are quite affordable, starting at around $40, so they are accessible to a large percent of the population. Just about everyone I know has at least one pair of Converses in their rotation. They are truly a classic shoe that can be worn with just about anything, which is why I think the classic Chuck Taylor is the best shoe out there.

Although Converse is known for their iconic Chuck Taylors, they have really grown out more into their other shoes such as the One Stars and their Jack Purcell’s. Their line of One Star shoes started to really take off a few years ago after Converse did a collaboration with artist and musician, Tyler, the Creator. He redesigned a pair of One Stars for the collab, and since then, the shoe has grown in popularity exponentially.

Tyler, the Creator has done a few collaborations with Converse in recent years, but that is only just the beginning of the brand’s expansive collaboration projects. This past year, Converse has teamed up with everyone from Off White to Hello Kitty to Dr. Woo (a famous tattoo artist). Most of the collabs sell out instantly and then sell in the after-market for over $1000. In the project with Off White, Virgil Abloh (head of Off White) completely redesigned the Chuck 70 and it was one of the most hyped up shoes of the year. Some people are willing to pay $1500-2000 for these shoes at resale stores and websites like Flight Club and Stadium Goods.

Converse has been an American classic for about a century now and I definitely do not see them slowing down anytime soon. They have partnered up with huge celebrities and small artists alike and each artist brings such a unique take to the iconic silhouette. New collaborations come out all the time lately, so next time a new one is released, I definitely recommend checking it out.

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