Street & Curb: Art, Music & Fashion on Conrad

Affordable art & community space in East Falls’ growing new business corridor.

February 2017 UPDATE:  Petrone Realty is now managing the property and seeking tenants for the art gallery and former pet store (corner property), as well as for Conrad Market in the same stretch.  

January 2016  UPDATE:  Owner Steve Carvelli has decided to pull all commercial public pursuits at the Gallery until otherwise notified. The former pet store is now advertising Pioneer Realty, but if often closed with no posted hours What’s up, dude? No one knows, he’s not talking. Hopefully everything’s OK and his businesses will be back on track soon. 

Original post May 17, 2015:

An art gallery in the refurbished old Hohenadel office building? Yes, please!

Especially this one, targeted towards affordable price-points and wearable but fashion-forward clothing lines.  Also: “skate decks” — which I had to google to be sure I knew what I was talking about (the “board” of a skateboard, duh).

Plus:  dj’s! And an an on-site caterer! 

LaNadia Gourmet‘s bangin’ spread at Wednesday night’s meet ‘n greet for local artists was only one of her many menus. Street & Curb plans to hold regular cultural theme nights, featuring a live art demo along with music, food, design, “organic experiences” — all kinds of experimental mash-ups of art & community.

Frankly, to hear owner Steve Carvelli talk, it’s all very exciting but we can’t help wonder if he might be biting off more than he can chew…?

Fortunately, he’s amassed an impressive support crew!

Along with LaNadia, his line-up includes acclaimed NJ artist Cliff Ward‘s fashion line of ethnic-futuristic prints. He’s also got in-house contractors, “Akiladelphia Creative Contracting” — handy artists who specialize in turning Philadelphia’s many crumbling 100-year-old rowhomes into cool, livable spaces for Millennials.

Music-wise, he’s got Sam the artist/musician for booking live events and John the artist/photographer for dj’ing mood music to complement art exhibits of all kinds — if you feel like you’re going to fall into paintings while you’re grooving to his soundtrack, then he considers his spinning a success.

But wait, it gets better — they’re pet-friendly! Carvelli announced plans for an “integrated pet store” in the former dentist office space next-door. Details still need to be fleshed out, but he’d like to see auctions for animal rescues at Street & Curb, and hopefully local animal advocates will get involved, too.

Big fans of ambitious plans, here. High hopes for Carvelli & his diverse, eclectic and highly-motivated team. East Falls could use more dreamers, we’re excited to see what develops this Summer at Street & Curb. 

ARE YOU A LOCAL ARTIST, DESIGNER or MUSICIAN? See how you might fit in Steve Carvelli’s plan, give him a call:  267-241-1072.

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