Summer Beers Make Me Feel Fine!

Whether you’re lounging on a beach, summering in the city, or camping in the mountains, these fine beers will help you celebrate the start of summer.

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Summer is here, and one of the most beautiful sections of the city during the warmer season is our beloved East Falls.  There’s a plethora of activity in our little neighborhood in the summer, despite the great flight of many to the Jersey shore.

Historical architecture tours, running or biking along Kelly drive, hiking the Wissahickon Valley, pop-up beer gardens, rowing & fishing along the Schuylkill, dining al fresco beside the river or under the beautiful canopies of our foliage, neighborhood clean-ups & dog walks, tree-plantings, and finding hidden treasures at our awesome bi-annual flea market in McMichael Park, are just a few of the many adventures the Falls has to offer this time of year.

Now, Summer in the City can be hotter than a matchhead, so whether you’re a cool cat looking for a kitty or you just want to dance all night, here are some refreshing summer brews to kick back with this season.

Avery Liliko’I Kepolo
Boulder, Colorado

  • Huge passionfruit aroma and wheat aromas
  • Notes of fruit with a balancing tart finish
  • Light/medium bodied refreshing juicy Belgian-style white ale with passionfruit
  • 5.6% ABV (alcohol by volume)
  • 10 IBU (International bittering units. Generally speaking, the higher the number, the more bitter the beer.)

Say Aloha to the summer with this excellently crafted wheat beer that instantly transports a drinker to his/her own private luau.  This beer pairs amazingly with some jerk chicken off the grill, a fresh mango/pineapple salsa, or some awesome grilled fish, such as a mahi mahi.

Insider tip: Try it with Murphy’s famous fish tacos….you’ll thank me later!

Ithaca Apricot Wheat Ale
Ithaca, New York

  • Hints & aromas of apricot and biscuit
  • Light-bodied, easy-drinking, wheat ale
  • ABV 4.9%
  • 15 IBU

This refreshing brew, is a great way to relax after that freshly mowed lawn or time out in the garden. It goes great with a fresh arugula & seasonal fruit salad possibly topped with some goat cheese, and pairs well with pork dishes, think pork chops on the grill, or Cranky Joe’s pork sandwich!


Unibroue Éphémère Apple
Chambly, Quebec

  • Aromas of straw, apple, and citrus
  • Flavors of crisp sour apple and clove
  • Crisp slightly funky & sweet apple wheat ale
  • ABV 5.5%
  • 10 IBU

Originally just released seasonally for the spring/summer this lovely ale is so popular that it is now brewed year-round and has many other delicious variations such as pear, blueberry, & raspberry.  This beer is a great contrast when paired with grilled scallops or fresh oysters, its crisp apple beautifully cutting the brininess of the shellfish.  Pair this craft brew with cheeses like a sharp cheddar or a creamy blue cheese and you’ll be delighted.


Austin Eastciders Blood Orange Cider
Austin, Texas

  • Aromas of apple and orange
  • Hints of blood orange, bittersweet apples, and grapefruit
  • Refreshingly dry, crisp, light-bodied, effervescent cider brewed with Sicilian blood oranges & heirloom apples
  • ABV 5%
  • 0 IBU

This cider is brand-spanking new, just released on April 3rd, and is an excellent addition to Austin Eastcider’s rapidly expanding cider portfolio.  This cider is perfect for that gluten-free friend, you know the one who keeps telling you how cauliflower dough pizza is delicious and asking if you’d like to try their flaxseed, non-gluten crackers…yeah that one!  However, this cider will also delight both your wine drinking and beer loving friends.  This cider is great palate cleanser between courses and works great with lighter salads and seafood, as well as fattier fare like a glazed pork loin.

Pittsburgh Brewing Company Old German
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Light apple and grain aromas
  • Amazingly low-calorie, only 95 calories & only 2.8 carbs
  • Clean, light-bodied American adjunct lager
  • ABV 4.2%
  • 12 IBU

I know my beer snob friends are scoffing, but I write for THE PEOPLE!  This beer is old school, made in America, and sort of local.  This is a perfect example of what I call a “Dad Beer”… what your dad or grandpop used to let you sneak a sip of as they balanced you on their knee while watching the game.  It’s not fancy, it’s cheap, and with its lower calorie content helps out with that beach body you’ve been working on.

If you don’t believe me, believe the hype, both Murphy’s and John at East Falls Beverage are having trouble keeping up with the demand!!!  This beer is great for burgers and dogs on the grill or pairs great with a nice slice of pizza.  So, tell those kids to get off your freshly cut lawn and crack open an Old German!

Enjoy the gorgeous weather my friends, hopefully whilst imbibing one of the selections above. And remember, summer beers (and breezes) really do make you feel fine.

(Fun fact: If you’re gonna karaoke this one, it’s “blowing through the jasmine in my mind,” not “going to the jazz bar in my mind.”  — Always thought that’s what it said. Apparently I wasn’t the only one.)

Here’s to beers & plenty of cheers,


Beer tips and food pairings from Jonathan Kennedy, a badass foodie who eats pigs whole and has forgotten more than we’ll ever know about enjoying beer.



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Beer tips and food pairings from Jonathan Kennedy, a badass foodie who eats pigs whole and has forgotten more than we’ll ever know about enjoying beer.

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