That Time Connor Barwin Came to Mifflin


In case you’re not bummed enough Philly’s losing this guy… 

What a loss! Connor Barwin was not just a leader on the field, he was a generous neighbor who gave back to the community. His Make the World Better Foundation supports all kinds of arts/athletics/wellness programs, and as a role model, Connor makes time to inspire kids all around the city — including East Falls.

Back in December 2014, Connor stopped by Mifflin School to judge the Junior Flower Show and engage students about seeds, plants, and trees. Our photos from that day show a guy who had a blast — just a big kid with an even bigger heart.

We’ll remember Connor’s visit to Mifflin fondly as our first “big” story for East Falls Local. News crews from major networks spun around curiously when they heard our point-in-shoot camera clicking from the back of the press corner. Thanks to all the reporters who made room for us, and to Connor for being so gracious for everyone’s lens.

His heart was with the kids, though. Clearly his favorite part of the day was sitting down with young fans, and just chatting away potting succulents. He also took selfies, signed autographs, passed out Eagles swag… Junior Flower Show winner Treasur Lee got a giant hug when she came up to claim her 1st Place ribbon, along with an Eagle’s jersey that he signed for her, too.

He took his judging seriously, BTW, carefully winding his way by each table where artwork by 5th and 6th graders was displayed. Made from beans, seeds, rice, and other natural materials, the entries demonstrated the Flower Show’s mission to encourage active participation in growing, gardening, and sustainable living.

Indeed, one of Connor’s foundation’s 2014 projects included an urban farm to supply Point Breeze residents with fresh produce. This year, improvements to nearby Smith Playground and Waterloo Playground in Kensington promote physical activity — and will continue even if Connor is traded, says

His “Thank you, Philly” post on Instagram confirms this, and also provides a fitting farewell for one of the classiest athletes to grace a home team here.

Last Thursday, the Los Angeles Rams signed him to a one-year contract that returns him to linebacking and reunites him with Wade Phillips, his former Huston Texans coach.

Best wishes to Connor Barwin from his friends in the Falls!


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