The Color Purple

The life-changing power of Purple — a story of positive energy & empowerment. 

This Women’s History Month, with our world in such turmoil, we need all the positive feminine energy we can get. So instead of Purple Queen’s usual social/political coverage, she’s giving us lessons to grow on from her end of the rainbow.

Flames come in all colors, but purple burns the hottest. This hue also has the highest energy, vibrating at the highest level of all visible frequencies. For spiritual seekers, a devotion known as The Violet Flame of St. Germain is a powerful tool for change no matter what a person’s religious denomination or spiritual beliefs.

St Germain was a French scientist/courtier/philosopher/etc in the mid 1700’s whose teachings are credited with starting the New Age movement. He’s considered an “Ascended Master” along with Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Vishnu and other enlightened humans who evolved into Beings who continue to help humanity find truth and peace.

The Violet Flame opens our 8th Chakra – also known as the Soul or Star Chakra, for it’s a gateway to divine love and spiritual wisdom. In doing so, it purifies the whole body, removing blockages, releasing the past and actually changing negative energy, feelings, thoughts and karma into positive ones. Through the strength of purple’s vibrations, what’s broken can become whole again.

With all this purple magic in mind, we summoned Purple Queen for her personal spin…

How has this color become so synonymous with your personality? 

Purple called me at a very young age. I always tell people it spoke to me and seemed to be everywhere, from the highest little spot in the sky, to a glimpse of it down the street. I was 12 years old when I had my first job. And every time I was able to, I’d buy things in purple.

It just sort of resonated with me throughout my life, changing as I’ve grown older. At this stage it balances me and it motivates me to keep reaching out to other people.

Does this include your community efforts? How does the work you do helping people vibe with your hopes for Philadelphia, in general?

I know that it is super cliche to say, but I hope we can find love in Philadelphia. Because love is what Dr Martin Luther King preached, and love is what God preaches. And that’s because love balances out life. If we can embrace that, even a little bit, it effects everything, even crime. If you love your brothers, you couldn’t kill them. For Black people, loving ourselves means you could never murder someone who looks like you.

Any other messages you want to share?

We’re all living this thing called life, but it’s important to understand that we’re all living it in our heads. Everything that you’re doing, who you are, what you stand for, and who you are behind closed doors — it’s all in your head. And that’s an awesome thing to understand because it means you’ve got a lot more power than you know to influence your story and become who you want to be. You know, this is the beautiful thing about the life of choice that God gives us.

Another thing I’ve always thought is it’s better when you live life as close as you can to aligning with a higher power, to being open to that power. Whomever or whatever that power is to you. And if you can do that, you’ll vibrate on a higher level. That kind of love projects and vibrates on a different level.

How do young people respond to your message?

As any mother will tell you, there is a human need for connection in all of us. And love is so key to a child’s life. And that’s important to know because what we’ve got out on the streets is a whole generation that struggled from the lack of love. I’m talkin about the crack generation – kids that grew up and then they had babies. When powerful drugs are rampant in your life, how are you gonna learn about or teach love? You might never have seen it or felt it. So they’re all going to be teaching their own version of what love was for them. And in a lot of instances that can be problematic for society.

So we have to be a resource for our young people whenever we get an opportunity to show them what love looks like. For Black children, show them how beautiful it is to be Black and share knowledge and culture with them. And above all, give it to them with love. They’re more open to receive the message when you do that. If you can’t talk to them with love or don’t reach out, you can’t help them.

How does the Blackwell Cultural Alliance play into this?

The Alliance gives us an opportunity to organize love through education, donation and volunteering. We connect with other organizations to amplify those efforts. And that ties in with our radio station, (progressive quality radio). The radio is a platform to let others amplify their voice, and that can help generate love, knowledge, and on a larger level, community. The guests we have can share their light with the world through our platform. And you put that out there for whatever spirits are supposed to catch it. To whoever’s supposed to be on the train. Whatever happens, our job is to keep the train moving.

What’s up for March? Do you have any events planned?  

We do. Wednesday March 23rd is our next “How Dope Are You” open mic night — we do these on the 4th Wednesday of every month. People of all ages are invited to come and rock the mic, and not celebrate gun violence. We’re trying to change the culture of the music on purpose. That’s our vibe. That’s our mission. And to remind people to get ready to vote. Information is power. Your voice is your power. And I’m all about pushing power. I’m a People Power Pusher.

Indeed you are! Thanks, Purple Queen, for all the work you do spreading peace, love and empowerment.

**UPDATE** Sajda announced this month she’ll be running for PA Representative for the new 10th District in West Philly, learn more at about how she’s standing for Real Change, Not Now but Right Now. 

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