TUES DEC 22nd: Old-School Caroling with St. Bridget’s Teen Choir

Eastfallslocal neighborhood caroling Dec 22nd

What’s cuter than a chorus of kids caroling around a piano? How ’bout those same Holiday singers at your door step?

Get ready, East Falls — St. Bridget’s Teen Choir will be spreading Christmas cheer this Tuesday, December 22nd with door-to-door caroling after dusk. Get on the list or join us and feel like a kid again with familiar old songs you know by heart.

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This night of neighborhood caroling is the brain-child of Joe Boyle and Elise Malizia of St. Bridget’s Teen Choir, who worked with us last year at a Holiday sing-along in Mifflin School, paired with tours of the historic building to coincide with a “memory book” presented by the East Falls Historical Society back when our own Steve Fillmore was president.

This year, plans for a similar event went through several iterations before the simplest idea truly seemed most fun for everyone: a casual night of caroling through the neighborhood, featuring at present count more than 20 children, plus Joe Boyle’s talented daughters, Jess and Allie — you might remember them from their recent stint singing the National Anthem at Temple’s game against Notre Dame.

The fun starts at 6:30 pm (meet at Conrad and Ainslie).  We’ll start on Ainslie, work our way to Bowman, with a detour at Epicure Cafe for hot chocolate around 7:30, before ending up at Cranky Joe’s banquet hall upstairs around 8.

We’ll be accompanied by our magical insulated backpack of treats for good boys & girls over 21 — and why not? It’s almost Christmas!

Joyful, communal song is good for our health & happiness, even if you’re tone-deaf and off-key (guilty!). In fact, an archaic word for caroling, “wassailing” actually means “for good health”  because back in the Middle Ages singing door-to-door to was used to maintain favorable bonds between the classes.

What a great opportunity to get your Christmas on! Time flies so fast, before you know it’ll be New Years’s Eve and you’ll have made it another year without really feeling the season, like you did way back when…  Come connect with your neighbors, belt out beloved old tunes, and catch some Santa Fever in the Falls this year.


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