TURTLE TALK: Local Park Brings Fun, Drama, Memories

Happy August! Morton the Turtle shares some Summer highlights from his home at McMichael Park: Tartuffe, clean-ups, and a memorial bench. 

EastFallsLocal summer 2016 collage post

What a beautiful Summer we’re having in East Falls’ favorite neighborhood greenspace — where to start?

EastFallsLocal tartuff text july 19

July 19th…Moliere’s Tartuffe!  Oh what a lovely night in McMichael Park.  Terrific crowd — lost count at 165!  Thanks to our PR duo of Christina Kistler and Cynthia Kishinchand who did a fine job of getting the word out! We recently learned our July 19th audience was the largest in the play’s entire 2016 summer run.

Extra thanks to Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, The Fairmount Park Conservancy, The East Falls Community Council and the Friends of McMichael Park.  And, of course, a big thank you to all those who attended this comical show by the Free Theater from the Commonwealth Classic Theater.

EastFallsLocal tartuff audience july 19

EastFallsLocal tartuff audience july 19 b

For more arts & community happenings, check out August’s events at the Oval, (right up Kelly Drive to the Art Museum).

EastFallsLocal parks rec july 24

July 24th PPR came out to cut down dead/dangerous trees — big thanks to great folks working on a Sunday for our park.

Speaking of park maintenance, special shout out to Sue Park and Jack Row, two neighbors who took time out of their Saturday to weed & sweep up the War Memorial:

EastFallsLocal Sue Park Jack Row

July 28th: Remembering “The Doon” (Jack Dooney) whose bench sits at home plate in McMichael Park.

EastFallsLocal Jack Dooney the Doon bench

As Summer continues, keep your eyes peeled for Pokemon! McMichael Park is indeed a hotspot for this addictive game. Read more on Town News Today!

EastFallsLocal pokemon go at mcmichael 2

And keep up with all the latest fun at McMichael right here on East Falls Local, where we load you up on links and pics, to give you the real neighborhood scoop — straight from the Turtle’s mouth!


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