WATCH IT HERE: East Falls’ new Bike Race 2015 video!


BIKE RAFFLE IS OVER! Thanks for participating, see you next year!

From crossing guards to the president of Philadelphia University  — how many local personalities do you recognize riding EFDC’s raffle cruiser down familiar streets?

EastFallsLocal facebook raffle meme

What a great time we all had promoting EFDC’s bike raffle for East Falls’ Bike Race Block Party — and what a fun video we got out of our one afternoon with the Fuji Cruiser.

WIN THIS BIKE, PEOPLE!  Just a dollar a ticket, you can buy chances online or at the EFDC office (3228 Midvale). Proceeds support Bike Race Block Partying in East Falls.


The plan had started out simply enough:  Gina Snyder had arranged to photograph PhillyU president Stephen Spinelli for an EFDC Facebook post, and we were only too happy to help. And Dr. Spinelli (or should I say “Steve,”  as he introduced himself, cool)  was totally game to pedal around campus for video after we’d scored our stills.

EastFallsLocal 5-27 phillyu spinelli survey with photog

Zip, zip. He was on & off the bike in, like, 5 minutes but we got everything we needed. Nice guy, warm guy — efficient!  He even brought his own paparazzi!

On our way back to National Penn bank (where the bike’ll be on display until it’s raffled off), we pulled over when we saw Larry Abney getting out of his SUV for another shift as Mifflin crossing guard at the busy corner of Midvale & Conrad.

EastFallslocal 5-27 larry crossing guard

Larry hadn’t ridden a bike in decades but he was game to give the Fuji Cruiser a spin. When he was younger, he used to go all over, “All around Fairmount, up Lemon Hill, everywhere!”

Eastfallslocal tom arlene collage bike text 2

Next, up Conrad to Epicure Cafe for coffee while they were still open. Also, where Tom goaded his wife Arlene into hopping on the Cruiser, even though the seat was way too high for her (and it was a men’s bike). Tip-toeing helped… at least, starting off.

(PS:  Arlene’s giggling as she almost crashes into me cracks me up every time I watch this.)

Eastfallslocal 5-27 miike murphy

We caught Mike Murphy, opening up his bar.  He’d just been biking that weekend at the beach, which is where he’d take a bike like this if he won it. He’d have to get used to the coaster brakes, though.

EastFallsLocal tommy

Local chiropractor Tom Caley was catching some sunshine with his puppy outside his office on Conrad, along with a new client waiting for Mack Stylist to open across the street. We all wondered if the dog was going to chase after him on the bike but, nope. She barely noticed.

Eastfallslocal 5-26 ryan on bike skew 2

Finally back down to Midvale to entice some Kelly Drive footage from local tech entrepreneur Ryan Buchert (of BuLogics in the big ole historic Mason’s Building — soon moving to the theater down the street).

All participants received ONE WHOLE RAFFLE TICKET for their chance to win this sweet ride for themselves. Get in on this fun at just a buck a pop– what a great way to make sure East Falls’ Bike Race Block Party remains a destination for neighbors and visitors, alike!

Eastfalls bike meme tiffany ride 2

Good Luck to All Raffle Participants! Thank you for supporting East Falls’ Bike Race Block Party.

BONUS SPINELLI FOOTAGE (he rolled with our interview questions but our mic let us down, sigh)



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