WE ARE BLESSED: Founders Breakfast Stout at Murphy’s


East Falls ups our craft beer cred! Murphy’s scores coveted keg of Founders “Kentucky” Breakfast Stout, a mythical beer that only appears once a year, and inspires a devoted following.

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Beer snobs take note: a limited engagement has begun! Get your tastebuds to Murphy’s quick before this very special brew runs out.

“Kentucky Breakfast” (from Michigan!) is a classic cult beer, made only once a year and served sparingly in goblets or sold at $20 or more for a four-pack — almost all of it within a few miles of the brewery. Somehow, Mike Murphy pulled some strings to bring this legendary stout to our famous local dive bar.

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A dark beer aged in oak bourbon barrels, Breakfast Stout is thick with flavors of coffee, bourbon, and chocolate.  At 11% abv, this brew packs a punch but most of us didn’t detect much alcohol flavor so beware, the stout goes down surprisingly easy despite its motor oil-like consistency. But not taste! This was one smooth, creamy stout, quite unlike a Guinness or Samuel Smith.

Brian Kistler, of Midvale Avenue, couldn’t wait to get a glass — “It’s one of the mythical beers that you can find occasionally. Uses BLiS bourbon maple syrup which I use on my bbq ribs.  Good stuff.

The brewery’s description nails it: “a bit of backwoods pleasure without the banjo.” BeerAdvocate.com gives it a 100 score, which is world class.

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Murphy’s bartender & resident foodie Jon Kennedy suggests pairing it with their deep-fried fluffernutter sandwich (!). And try the beer with breakfast, for real: bacon and home fries are fantastic matches. The full chocolate notes make it an obvious complement for fruit and desserts, too (especially anything with nuts).

Last time this beer was promoted on Untappd, beer freaks quickly lined up until it literally ran out that day. Mike’s deliberately keeping this special keg relatively quiet, to give us locals a chance to try it. Only as long as it lasts!

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  1. Good stuff indeed. Not to many times you get to drink a Beer Advocate 100 beer on tap in East Falls.

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