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So much to love about Justine’s holistic workshop that conditions physically, socially and even environmentally. 

Thank you Justine Bacon for letting us tag along on the “Bikes and Brew” part of one of Yoga Brain‘s most popular workshops that begins with full-body conditioning in East Falls and ends relaxing at the Conshohoken Brewing Company. So. Much. Fun.

Our only regret is that we were unable to schedule the full workshop, which would’ve included a conditioning yoga routine plus a briefing on the 8 mile trip with tips for group rides. Fortunately, we’ll have two more opportunities this summer, with Yoga, Bikes & Brews coming up on July 20 and August 31st (registration now open!)

We cannot recommend these Yoga Brain rides highly enough! Justine knows all the best spots for viewing turtles, herons, kingfishers and schools of fish visible in the canal’s shallow, sunny stretches. From the tow path, the paved trail turns into the woods, following level footprint of a now-defunct rail line high above the Schuylkill River. Wilderness punctuated by old stone farmhouses. A small hill crosses a stretch of Victorian architecture… the forest creeps up again and then suddenly, a clearing in the trees: the award-winning Conshocken Brewing Company!

These guys!! Basking along the canal….

Their trail entrance provides plenty of bike parking, plus a handy tool & pump station for minor repairs and adjustments. Love their outdoor seating, too, but let’s not forget the real reason Yoga Brain’s bike tour ends here: the beer! Conshi Brewing Co. is a super solid brewery. You cannot go wrong with their Extra Special Bitter — a misnomer, because this English ale is not bitter at all but balanced and almost sweet. Like toasted toffee, but it’s not a dark beer.

Anyway, their Puddlers Row ESB is a tasting room staple, along with a super drinkable Blonde Ale and two very distinctive IPA’s. They also always have some seasonals on tap, plus some aged/unfiltered/nitros/etc. We’ve been here quite a few times since it opened in 2014 and we’ve never had a beer that wasn’t yum. You cannot go wrong with the complimentary pint that comes with your Yoga, Bikes & Brew workshop.

Big thanks again to the Yoga Brain crew for being such good sports for our cameras. We’ll let Justine’s inimitable voice take us out…

Quick trip to the Farmers Market…
Eight miles to Conshohocken!

#YogaBikesandBrews was AMAZING. Each time we do this workshop, we always meet the coolest people🤸‍♀️, enjoy the most spectacular days on the trail🌞, and enjoy wonderfully refreshing beer🍻 I love this workshop for so many reasons. It allows me to join some of my favorite things together (yoga, biking, the great outdoors & beer!) with some of my favorite people (@funkandvibe 💗) and share them with others.

Being outside and recreating is the very best way to expand environmental awareness. Educate people on beauty. Make them laugh and be in awe of the trees, rivers and animals that live here. Explore with them. This is how we will one day save our world 🌊🌎🐟🐢🐝🌳

Teaching #YogaForCyclists gives people tools to stay safe in their bodies, to heal themselves from injury and enjoy being out on their bikes for the rest of their lives not just until their body gives way to repeated injury 🚵‍♀️

Supporting local businesses helps our communities to stay strong. Supporting local artisans and #entrepreneurs empowers the people, not the corporations. #ThinkLocal #DrinkLocal @conshohockenbrewing 🍻

How can you use your interests to help others continue to do what they love longer and stronger? How can you use your passions to teach people how to love a little more and see beauty in their own backyard? How can you use your unique talents to create #community and bring people together who might not usually cross paths?

Cheers to new #yogafriends and doing more of the things we love🙏💗

Jeff takes a selfie outside Conshy Brew Co (June 8 2019)


Yoga Brain class opens, stretches & strengthens for your bike ride up the Schuylkill River Trail! After class, Justine shares bike safety tips for group trail rides plus some hand signals to keep us connected through the beautiful 8 miles of summer scenery to Conshy Brewery. Noon to 3pm(ish).  Tix available at

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