Attack Closes Dog Park

Following a brutal dog attack September 7th, Roxborough Dog Park closed to the public & switched to a members-only model.

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According to Dave Westerfer’s post to Roxborough Always Rants…and Sometimes Raves (a Facebook group), the dog attack involved the dog park’s current vice president, who had entered the park after it’s 10pm closing to hang flyers.

She knew the owner with four dogs playing after-hours weren’t supposed to be there, but she didn’t feel they posed any risk. She was wrong about one of them.

Neighbors heard a woman screaming & rushed to the scene. 911 took her to the ER. Dave posted sobering photos of her injuries, bites on her lower & upper torso, to convey the seriousness of the attack. Viewing the photos, you can’t help but agree with Roxborough’s decision to take immediate action, despite all the well-behaved local pups who lost a favorite local play space last month.

The good news: repairs & reseeding for the dog park while it’s closed. The great news: the park will re-open soon! Originally the date was set for mid-October but has been postponed while the City of Philadelphia reviews the new policies & insurance.

Membership registration has opened, though, at They offer three payment options starting at $100 household per year plus 4 hours of volunteer time.

You’ll need a proof of address, photo of your dog, PA dog license, copy of spay/neuter records, and proof of current rabies vaccination. All dog owners are welcome to join the dog park — it’s not just for Roxborough neighbors. 

Finally, the best news: though injuries from the attack were severe, they were not life-threatening. She probably will have some physical as well as emotional scars. The fate of the attacking dog has been the subject of much speculation but so far it appears no charges have yet been reported.

Questions? The dog park’s next public meeting is 6:30pm Weds November 9th at the Roxborough Library.

Roxborough Dog Park is a non-profit, volunteer-run off-leash park at 4117 Mitchell Street (not far from the hospital). The board of directors holds open community meetings every 2nd Wednesday at the Roxborough Library (6:30pm). More info: & their Facebook page.

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