Spare some Thanksgiving treats this season for your furry friends – they do so much for you.

It is important to give thanks to all the wonderful things pets bring to our lives. They provide so many benefits to us, we sometimes forget to stop and take notice. Here are just a few of the rewards we get just by having our pets.

Lower Stress Levels
Having a dog or cat has been shown to reduce stress levels, thus improving your overall health. Everyone seems to have higher stress levels these days and having a pet can improve your stress. Coming home from a hard day at work to a wagging tail or head rub from your cat is a sure-fire way to boost your mood.

Improved Physical Fitness
Pets help keep us active. Having a dog forces you to get outside, breathe fresh air, and get some physical activity. Dog owners are more likely to exercise and stay fit, which is good for the mind and the body.

Reduced Social Isolation
Pets help people create connections with other people. This reduction in social isolation is even more important as people become glued to their phones and other digital devices. Dogs owners are more likely to talk to and interact with other people as they go on their daily dog walks. And owning a cat or dog has been shown to reduce loneliness in the elderly through the strength of the human/animal bond.

Fewer Allergies
Research has shown that having pets may reduce allergies in children. Babies who grow up with pets in their household are less likely to have allergies to pets and are less likely to develop asthma as they get older. Reducing allergies is an important health benefit and just one of the many reasons it is great to grow up with a pet.

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