A recent Philly Magazine article claims to know the reason behind Billy Murphy’s famous Bon Jovi ban — but we’ve got other suspicions… 


That “Boycott Bon Jovi” sign on Billy Murphy‘s jukebox — it’s for real. Try to play a Bon Jovi song here, just try. Never happen. Not even live: “If a band starts to play Bon Jovi we walk over and mute their guitars, ” Mike Murphy told Philadelphia Magazine. Because Bon Jovi sucks, he says.

Do we believe him?

Fifteen years ago, a bartender named Rob Szatkowski first took a stand during Living on a Prayer, hitting the “Skip” button after a patron had paid to play it. Sorry, buddy. Not on his watch.


His shift ended, but Murph not only kept it going, he piled on — requesting a sign to make it official. Here it is, 2016 and the ban is still going.

According to the article, seems like the main reason for all this Bon Jovi hate is the band’s overwhelming (and perhaps inexplicable) popularity, especially in the area. Everyone here is expected to love Springsteen, Sinatra, and… Bon Jovi.  “The first two are legends, but Bon Jovi isn’t in the same league,” Szatkowski explained.

Also, just listening to a room full of drunk people scream, “WHOOOAAA-OHHHH, Livin’ on a Praaaaayer!” over and over can be torture. Or so they say.

Hmmmm… Me thinks he doth protest too much


We’re not saying Mike Murphy’s public hatred for New Jersey’s greatest hair band is a ruse, but these photos we totally haven’t doctored seem to suggest there’s more to the story.

Ask him yourself, next time you swing by East Falls’ most famous “dive” bar (that happens to have a great grub and a spectacular craft beer selection). It’s about time he knew we’re onto him.


Billy Murphy’s Irish Saloon
Conrad and Indian Queen
Open Daily 11am – 2am
Specials all day

PS: Perhaps Murphy’s onto something…


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