Behind the Tap: Summer Beers for Early Fall


Cheers to the first installment of Behind the Tap — a regular column about beer tips, food pairings and bartenderly advice from Jonathan Kennedy, Murphy’s resident Hospitality Engineer and Craft Beer Enthusiast. This month: Summer beers for early fall.

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As a bartender, I’m constantly asked, “Hey, JK what are you drinking right now?” or “What do you like?

I usually reply, “Nothing right now, I’m working. What do think I am, some kind of degenerate boozehound?  Please don’t answer.” or “Well, judging by your cut-off shorts and Backstreet Boys tank top, we’re obviously into different things…..I’m more of an NSYNC fan, I mean just for JT’s vocals alone!

The fact is everyone’s palates are different, just like a snowflake in “Frozen.”  Now my friends, with that in mind, here are some sure fire winners available at Billy Murphy’s Irish Saloonery here in East Falls.

No matter your taste, I’m positive you’ll be able to enjoy one, if not all, of these great refreshing summer brews. Especially if some of those super-hot August days sneak into early September!


Shiner Ruby Redbird
Shiner, Texas
Strong hints of ginger & grapefruit
Clean, crisp amber-colored lager
4.01% ABV (alcohol by volume)   13 IBU (International Bittering Units

PAIRING: The ginger/citrus notes pair well with Chinese takeout or are a beautiful contrast to nice sweet smoky BBQ, such as a BBQ pulled pork sandwich.


Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen
Frankfurt, Germany
Hints of clove, banana, & grapefruit
Cloudy, sweet orange-colored wheat beer (hefeweizen)
ABV 2.5% 

FUN TIP: This beer is the perfect beer for a Beer-mosa, however I prefer their variation on a French 75 cocktail called a French Ruby 75! For the recipe, click here.


Victory Summer Love Ale
Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Floral and lemon hints with bready tones
Golden, dry, refreshing blonde ale
ABV 5.2%

PAIRING: This beer is a perfect complement to classic backyard BBQ, it works well with loaded grilled hotdog or burger, and add a nice refreshing palate cleansing zing alongside a potato or pasta salad.

Ballast Point.LAYOUT

Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin
San Diego, California
Mango & bitter grapefruit notes
Balanced golden, full-bodied IPA
ABV 7% 70 IBU

PAIRING: Oh, how I love this beer with something spicy, such as an order of Murphy’s Hot wings, those citrus hops perfectly balance out the heat of the wings!   It is also amazing with fresh basil flavors, like a Caprese salad or Basil-Pesto Chicken Sandwich.


Lancaster Kölsch
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Floral & grassy notes with bread & fruit malt flavors
Straw colored, smooth, cold-brewed Kölsch
ABV 5.1% IBU 35

PAIRING: This beer pairs well with virtually any type of food, however here’s a tip pair it with EGGS…..yes, I said eggs and yes you are allowed to have beer with breakfast….remember KEGS n EGGS in college, or are you still trying to forget?!


Einstök White Ale
Akureyri, Iceland
Orange & corriander notes
Hazy, golden-yellow white ale (or witbier)
5.2% ABV
Completely vegan and contains no G.M.O’s (genetically modified organisms)

PAIRING: This great and refreshing wheat pairs amazingly with any fresh salad or works well with tapas or fresh seafood, it’s absolutely sublime when drank with an order of fish tacos!

Here’s to beers and plenty of cheers,

– JK

About Jon

A native son of Philadelphia, he has over two decades of restaurant & hospitality experience. He’s worked in every aspect of the business, from dive bar to high-end and proudly calls East Falls home. The only thing he cares more about than making others happy through food and drink is sharing his knowledge of both, and hopefully knocking back a couple drinks in the process.

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Beer tips and food pairings from Jonathan Kennedy, a badass foodie who eats pigs whole and has forgotten more than we’ll ever know about enjoying beer.


    • Great picks Jude! Flying Fish is a great local brewery and their Farmhouse is quite the staple around town. I love Brooklyn’s beers and would definitely recommend trying their Sorachi Ace during this warm season. Cheers!

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