East Falls to the Rescue

Local business owner learns first-hand what it means to be part of our can-do community. 

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Who are your neighbors? And what kind of crisis would it take for you to rush across town to help them?

A break-in? A fire? A lost child or pet..?

A broken garage door? 

Seriously, that’s all it took for a whirlwind of East Falls helpers to descend from out of the blue one Thursday evening this August, when the owner of Little White Dog (Scotts Lane) discovered she couldn’t lock up her doggie daycare center for the night. And her landlord was not returning calls.

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Barb Berman’s emergency was a big bummer, but not particularly dire. When I saw she posted, essentially, “Help, I can’t leave work!” — on a Rants page, no less — I worried what kind of smart-ass replies might come back.

I shouldn’t have. When we rolled up to Little White Dog, a car was already there — a guy named Tim had seen Barb’s message almost as soon as she posted it, and headed right over with his tools.

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Soon, another car pulled up. And then another. (And another…) Some folks knew each other, some were just meeting. All were concerned neighbors who take community very seriously. “When someone needs help, you go help,” more than one person told us, punctuating this sentence with an unspoken but understood “duh.”

Of course you help neighbors. You’re in East Falls, and that’s what we do.

After some fiddling, Barb’s garage door came down and the problem was diagnosed: a busted pin. Barb was directed how to find a replacement at a hardware store, and a few days later another guy showed up to put it in for her. No charge — and no credit needed (although she’s “pretty sure” this guy’s name was Will).

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East Falls, you’re amazing. Barb’s random crisis could’ve ruined her night & gouged her wallet. Instead, she found herself supported by neighbors she didn’t even know.

“They really saved my butt,” Barb told us, ” The door works great now, I can’t thank everyone enough.”

“A good neighbor is a priceless treasure.”  — Chinese proverb

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  1. Two things:. I don’t read the rant pages; go NextDoor next time. And her landlord being no help is not a surprise.

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