Better Know a Candidate: Ron Adams

This sports fan, poker player and juggler keeps his eye on the ball in his first political campaign for Philly’s 4th District (The Fightin’ Fourth!)

Where are you from originally? Where do you live now? Married? Kids? Pets?
I’m from Fairless Hills PA. I went to college at Northwestern University, and moved back home in 2004. In 2005 I purchased a home in Roxborough and have been here ever since! I now live there with Bridget, my wife of 8 years, and our dog Nikita.

Hobbies or special talents?
I played in a dart league for years, I am an avid poker player, I was a four year college cheerleader so I can partner stunt (basically me tossing my female partner in the air) I can walk on my hands (I taught myself that two years ago). I can juggle too.

What do you do for fun?
I am into power lifting to stay active. Also like playing in various poker tournaments. I am also a huge sports fan — you might even see me in the right field stands at a Phils game!

One thing that makes you glad to go home at night?
Lately it’s been my bed. Campaigning and working makes for long days!

Happiest day?
Well I used to be 300 pounds but have lost a lot of weight since – I got below 200 for the first time since I was like 12. So that was a happy day! I have regained about 30 pounds lately, so I need to get to work to see that happy day again!

How would you characterize this election?
Engaged! Look at all the people running. Many of the incumbents haven’t been challenged in quite some time. I think a new age of leadership is emerging and I feel the electorate is paying more attention than in the past.

How long have you been in politics?
I filed to run in February, so technically, four months. I am not a committee person, or ward leader.

Why did you get into politics?
Ghandi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world” so instead of complaining about leadership, I decided to run and affect change myself.

If there was one take-away about you or your candidacy that you’d like our readers to remember, what would it be?
I’m doing this to be an elected partner with the people of my community. One of the questions I get a lot is, “Who are you?” Mainly because most of the people who run for office come from an established background of city politics or lobbying in some form. They take leaves of absences from their jobs. I am a citizen, who still works, who feels too many of our concerns have been ignored, and I’m trying to be the type of candidate who is first and foremost about the people.

Ron and Bridget

About Ron
Ron Adams is a candidate running for City Council in District Four (running against the incumbent, Curtis Jones). Currently serving as the Operations Manager for the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program, HIDTA, Ron saw firsthand the devastation that heroin, opioids, and fentanyl have done to many areas of Philadelphia. As he worked both locally and nationally with public health advocates, politicians, and law enforcement to help combat this terrible epidemic, he was inspired to take action by running for office.

He advocates for better education for children, green space, safer streets, and community participation in neighborhood development. Ron has known Bridget since they were best friends in high school. She has spent the past 14 years as an educator in the School District of Philadelphia. Currently, she serves as the principal at The LINC High School in North Philadelphia. Ron and Bridget can also often be found walking Nikita on the Wissahickon trails! Find out more about Ron and his platform at (Check out his “Issues” page)

VOTE! May 21 is primary election day. More info here.

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