Better Together

Working together for the better in the new year.

First and foremost a Happy New Year! The New Year is always an opportunity for me to reflect back and to look forward.

Thank you to the voters who elected me to continue to represent them in Harrisburg. It is an honor and privilege to serve the 194th in this capacity.

State laws impact our daily life and I do my best to represent my constituents in voting committee meetings in our state capitol. I am looking forward to making good progress again in this year’s committees. (As of this writing, new committee assignments have yet to be made.)

There are also several additional “extracurricular” caucuses in which I participate. Often these are special focus/interest groups committed to moving particular legislation forward. Last session I participated with the Women’s Health, LGBT, and Early Childhood Education Caucuses and the PA Safe Caucus (focused on reducing all types of violence in our society).

Over the past four terms, I have found that ongoing dialogue with my constituents is one of the best ways to fulfill my role as your state representative. That dialogue occurs in meetings and interactions of all kinds — in my district office, Harrisburg, local civic association meetings that I attend throughout the year, my town hall meetings, encounters with citizens in the local market and eateries, and generally just going about my daily routine in the district. I am glad that folks are comfortable stopping to say hello and sharing what is on their mind.

I am particularly proud of our upcoming 80th Town Hall meeting to be held on Saturday, January 26th at Cathedral Village at 10AM. Over the past eight years, hundreds of constituents have participated in my town hall meetings, which have been forums to discuss weighty public policy measures – e.g. 2nd amendment rights, abortion ban laws, whether or not to raise taxes, etc. and an opportunity to discuss how the legislative process works in Harrisburg. These discussions have always been thoughtful and civil. I have learned from you as much as I have shared with you.

New Book Club
One new way to exchange thoughts and ideas is participate in a book club that I am establishing in 2019. Participants will be limited to 20 per meeting and I will ask that folks sign up for a particular book club session. The book club will meet every 8 weeks and the dates and books will be publicized in our e-newsletters. The information is also on our website at

My Resolution
In 2019, I resolve to continue reaching out to and speaking with my constituents and colleagues so we can work together to ensure that the laws passed in Harrisburg are truly for the greater good of the district and the commonwealth.

It would be wonderful if you could add a resolution to your list to participate in this ongoing dialogue by attending one of my monthly town halls or stopping me in your travels to share your thoughts and concerns about state government. Cheers to a new year of sharing!

Speak Up and Stay Informed
Thoughts? Suggestions? Concerns? Make your voice heard by visiting my office at 6511 Ridge Avenue (MAP LINK) or calling (215) 482-8726. Walk-ins always welcome.

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Representative Pamela A. DeLissio serves the 194th Legislative District, which includes East Falls.

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