January 2019

4868 Ridge Ave.
Complainant stated he previously gave a report for vandalism at listed location on Jan. 25 for vandalism done to his car. Compl. noticed today that listed items were missing from his car. Stolen items: white Chromebook laptop with white charger, black Beats headset, Jansport backpack (black and red), numerous textbooks, and school supplies. Value: $3500

33XX Conrad St. 
Complainant states that between the times of 1:30PM and 4:30PM, unknown offender(s) gained entry to her residence by breaking the basement rear window and took several items (white iPhone 6 not activated unable to be traced, Playstation with controllers, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii) and ransacked a couple of rooms. The incident was caught on compl’s security camera. Scene processed and several print cards submitted. Photos taken. Value: $1700 VIDEO HERE — (thanks to Prince Holloway)

34XX Indian Queen Ln. 
Complainant stated unknown person(s) stole 6 meal products and recipe books from her porch. Value: $80

36XX Haywood St.
Complainant states that between the times of 8:16AM and 6PM an unknown person gained entry to her residence through an unlocked side kitchen window and took several items (brown Louis Vuitton travel bag, brown and beige Louis Vuitton briefcase containing legal documents. Several rooms were ransacked. Scene processed. Several printcards submitted. Photos taken. Value: $1000

35XX Ainslie St. 
Complainant states he has video of male trying the handles on vehicles in his driveway. Male discovered that the compartments in his vehicle shuffled through. Male states he left his black Toyota Highlander unlocked. No items taken.

36XX Haywood St. 
Complainant parked her 2016 black Kia Sorento in front of her residence at 9PM and when she returned on Jan. 28 7AM she found contents of center console thrown around inside and several items missing (wallet, several credit cards, bank cards). No forced entry. Value: $80

3510 Scotts Ln. 
Complainant left her 2016 grey Jeep Cherokee parked on highway of listed location on listed date and time. When she returned at approximately 3pm on same date, her passenger side door was slightly ajar and her Galaxy S9 cellphone was missing from inside. Scene processed with negative results. No arrest. Value: $600

3502 Scotts Ln. 
Bldg 16 Apt 16XX
Complainant states he went to bed at approximately 2AM on 1/24. He woke up at about 7AM to find the listed items missing. Complainant states he did not lock the apartment door because he usually has a dog. He does not have renter’s insurance. Items taken: Gray canvas backpack, 2017 Macbook Pro, Apple ear pods, Apple watch, gray Fossil wallet, TD bank credit card, id card. Value: $3500

3003 Schoolhouse Ln.
Complainant parked his 2013 white Honda Accord at listed location on 1/24 at 12:30AM. Compl. found 3 of 4 wheels missing from vehicle. Items taken by unknown person(s). Value: $1500

35XX Cresson St.
Complainant was walking home when four black male offenders rushed him and pushed him against a fence. One of the males said “Give me everything you got!” Another male said “Don’t make us pull out the Gat!” Compl never saw a gun. Compl handed over his iPhone 8 and black leather wallet and fled home. Offenders fled southbound on Cresson St. Offenders then stopped by police. Positive id and offenders placed in custody. iPhone recovered and placed on property receipt. Value: $1000

37XX Calumet St. 
Complainant parked her gray 2002 VW Passat in her driveway at 10PM on 1/21. When she returned at 6:55AM on 1/22 car was missing. Compl had spare key inside car and isn’t sure if they locked the doors when parked.

2967 West Schoolhouse Ln. 
Complainant parked her 2010 blue Buick LaCrosse at 2:30AM. When she returned at 3PM, she noticed passenger window smashed and items missing: clothes, 1 pair of shoes, sneakers, two handbags, and $420 in cash. Auto taken to body shop before police report. No prints. Value: $3,000

3400 Crawford St. 
Police called to the listed location for 2 black males trying vehicle doors, male #1 broke into a blue Honda and was last seen headed towards Conrad. Upon arrival, no complainant, unable to locate caller. Police located a 2014 blue Honda Tucson SUV with its driver side door slightly opened and the center console appeared rummaged through. Police located owner (complainant) who checked her vehicle and stated vehicle was left unlocked. Items were out of place, but nothing missing or taken. No cameras in incident area. No arrest. Value: $1

30XX W. Coulter St. 
Complainant’ s daughter states she left the residence secured on 01-18 at 9PM. When she returned on 01-19 at 12:30AM and noticed at 9AM the window was shattered in the dining room and on the 2nd floor master room, the night stand drawers were disturbed by unknown persons. Complainant’s daughter states nothing appears missing from the residence. Possible lift of prints at scene. No arrest. Value: $1

36XX Stanton St. 
Keyholder/neighbor of listed property owner stated that an unknown person gained entry to compl’s property through an unlocked rear kitchen window, no forced entry. Silver Macbook Pro laptop and security camera were stolen from living room. The incident was caught on the security camera. Scene was processed with several print cards submitted. Photos taken. Compl is out of town. (No arrest). Value: $2,000

Aggravated assault
4100 Kelly Dr.
Complainant stated she was driving in a white Nissan Altima with her child and a female passenger when the brother of the child’s father, driving a black Dodge Charger with 3 other unknown black males, purposely struck compl’s vehicle multiple times from rear and driver side of vehicle causing compl’s vehicle to crash into a median. Offender fled in unknown direction. Compl sustained neck injuries currently at Hahnemann hospital for treatment. Compl stated after crash offender brandished firearm and stated ”l’m going to kill you!”

35XX Indian Queen Ln. 
Complainant parked her 2012 blue Nissan Maxima overnight at listed location at listed date and time. When she returned, her vehicle was missing. Scene processed with negative results. No arrest. Value: $6,100.

5347 Wissahickon Ave.
Complainant states unknown person took her Dell laptop from her 2010 Jeep Patriot, which was parked at listed location. No sign of forced entry. No arrest. Value: $1,000

5500 Wissahickon Ave. Apt 12XX
Complainant states while attendlng a friend’s apartment with several others, an unknown offender(s) picked up her iPhone 7 Plus (and red case) and left. Phone is powered off. complainant states it cannot be tracked. No arrest. Value: $1,000

2979 W. Schoolhouse Ln.
Complainant states she parked her 2006 silver Kia Optima in the parking lot of Alden apartments on Jan 9 at 7PM. When she returned at 6AM on Jan 10, vehicle was missing — taken by unknown person(s). Compl gave no one permission to move vehicle. Vehicle doors locked.

4201 Henry Ave. 
Complainant#1 and complainant#2 left Haywood building (H-107) leaving two laptops in the room. Witness stayed behind and saw unknown offender (Black male, unknown age, 5’6” – 5’8″ dark complexion, thin build, orange hoodie, black or grey sweatpants) enter the room. Witness thought offender was a student and didn’t think anything of it. When both complainants returned, offender and both of the MacBook Pro laptops were gone. Campus security was notified. Security states the doors are left unlocked until 6PM. Security also states the only cameras are at the entry and exits of the building. No arrest. Value: $4,800

4000 Ridge Ave. 
Complainant states that while driving, the offender was arguing with her about money when the offender threatened to ”bash her head into the window.” Complainant states offender pushed her head into the window. She then grabbed her purse and fled the car. Offender took her keys and phone and ran away. Complainant transported to NW Detectives Division. Value: $200

3502 Scotts Ln.
Complainant states she saw listed offender enter her 2004 Honda Odyssey and leave with it. Compl is going through a break up with her son’s father who may have spare keys. Value: $4000

4268 Ridge Ave. 
Police stopped at listed location and as they attempted to enter store, a black male ran past police. Store worker stated to police “to get that male, he took items without paying.” After a brief foot pursuit, male was taken into custody. Items taken (Two packs of Newport cigarettes, two packs of Tylenol) were returned to BP (no arrest). Value: $28


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  1. It’s so easy:
    – no valuables left in car, including that “super secret hidden key” you thought you hid
    – car locked
    – house doors locked 24/7
    – be alert, condition “yellow” at all times

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