Take a Hike. Seriously.

Let’s go for another group jaunt in the Wissahickon! You don’t need a dog but that does tend to add to the fun. Join us for a guided sunset walk on lovely local trails in our own backyard. 

EastFallsLocal dog beach Wissahikcon walk saturday 6 pm

Summer’s a great time for a long walk in the shady Wissahickon, especially our nearby neck of it. This month, we’ll be exploring our most Southern trailhead by SEPTA’s “Wissahickon Tranportation Center” (free parking in a small Fairmount Park lot off Ridge by the Canoe Club, or off-street around Legacy tennis center).

EastFallsLocal Google -- WISSAHICKON TRANSFER resize 8x10 txt

Meet at the waterfall where Wissahickon creek enters the Schuylkill River. A paved path leads past the historic railroad bridge, to a sweeping view up a steep staircase thru the treetops into Roxborough.

We’ll turn back down to the creek, and follow it along Lincoln Drive to nice grassy, shallow “beaches” where dogs might splash around & cool off. By all means, bring your water shoes if you think you might join in.

EastFallsLocal 5-21 rainy bridge forbidden drive pack nice auto

We’ll head off the concrete and into soft, shaded forest trails with towering trees and funky rock formations. Last time we did this walk, a Pack Walker just stopped in the middle of a footbridge to exclaim, “Why this has got to be the prettiest place ever!”  

Our little lobe of the Wissahickon is THAT lovely!

EastFallsLocal collage wissahickon forest auto

EastFallsLocal 5-20 dog beach 3 px pana crop txt

Rain or shine (it was kinda pouring when we took a lot of these images) — dress for lightly rugged trails, and don’t forget the bug spray. For more details, check out last month’s hike, or just hit play:

WHAT’S A PACK WALK? Walking together in a social group with other dogs and dog owners is a great way to get some exercise and socialization, but it’s also training and bonding too. Plus: Nature!

SIGN UP FOR FUTURE HIKES on the NW Philly Pack Walk Meetup.

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