MAY QUIZZO: Terrapin Celebration

Hooray for our evolutionary shell-ebrities! 

DID YOU KNOW…? Turtles date back to the time of the dinosaurs — over 200 million years ago — which means they’ve earned a special distinction worth extolling. On May 23rd, World Turtle Day does just that, but it also helps raise awareness about their plight. There are a total of 300 species of turtles in the world, 129 of which are endangered (and others are being bred and exploited by the pet industry).

Visit to find out how you can give a herp a helping hand. In the meantime, a not-so-quick round to test your turtle recall….

  1. Because BBC deemed the word ninja to be excessively violent, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles debuted under what other name in the UK?
  2. A grass-type Pokemon, Turtwig is a starter Pokemon in which two games?
  3. In Finding Nemo, Marlin and Dory are rescued by a school of sea turtles led by which surfer-dude?
  4. Armed with a shell that’s also a flying saucer for some reason, Gamera is a cheap imitation of which other legendary Japanese lizard monster?
  5. The king of the pond, Yertle the Turtle stands on the backs of his underlings in an attempt to reach the moon until which turtle situated on the bottom burped, causing the whole tower to fall?
  6. The star of both a series of books by Paulette Bourgeois and later two TV shows, which young turtle “could count by twos and tie his shoes,” as stated in the opening line of every book?
  7. Often pessimistic, which best friend of Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life fits  the category?
  8. John Steinbeck uses the tortoise as an emblem of the resolve and persistence of the “Okies” that travel west across the country in which Pulitzer Prize-winning book?
  9. A name borrowed from a medieval poem of the same name, “Fastitocalon” is a poem about a large sea turtle in Middle-Earth by which author?
  10. Led by their mascot Testudo, which Big Ten school’s sports teams are called the Terrapins?

Find the answers in the back of this month’s Local newspaper — just flip to Missed Connections and there’s a little box in the lower right-hand corner. Click over to the answers here! While you’re at it, we’d sure love it if you’d check out the rest of the paper too and let us know what you think in the comments. PRO TIP: It’s more fun in print! Let us know if you’d like us to drop off free bundles to any businesses or locations in your neighborhood.

TRIVIA FANS: As the area’s most popular QUIZZO host, Sean entertains regular crowds of newbies and die-hard regulars — with teams competing for various prizes (including bar tabs in some cases!). Feel free to throw down any suggestions for future Quizzo themes and special events you’d like to see in 2022.

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