Buddhist Blessings on the Falls Bridge

Imagine all the people, sharing all the world. 

The colorful flags seen recently on the Falls Bridge aren’t mere decoration, but an ancient Buddhist tradition for invoking peace, compassion and harmony. While associated today with Tibetan Buddhists, the practice of printing prayers on cloth flags has its roots in India.

The colors represent elements: red for fire, white for air, blue for the sky, yellow for the earth, and green for water. All five colors together on a string signifies balance. The hues also represent directions – North, South, East, West and Center.

The mantras printed on the flags are believed to be carried on the wind to spread goodwill and positive energy wherever they go. The higher prayer flags are hung, the more they flutter, and  the better to disperse their benevolent spiritual vibrations. The Falls Bridge, therefore, is an ideal place, where the wind really gets whipping, and the river below only adds to the chi.

FUN FACT: When the colors fade, that means the mantras were carried away by the breeze. It’s seen as a good sign the flags are “working.”

No one has claimed responsibility for the flags, but whoever it is: thank you for your kind intentions.  We welcome more love and happiness for East Falls.

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