CANDID(ate) CAMERA: Queen Lane Resident Shoots for Office

Tom Martin’s ballot number is easy for East Fallsers to remember:  #29! We wheedled this local candidate into helping us with our Bike Race Block Party & Raffle promo, and wound up learning why this “extra” election May 19th is important for all Philadelphians.

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We’ve been accused of a lot of things since we started blogging East Falls, and only rarely are we accused of being journalists. Or videographers. Or professionals of any kind, really.  So you can imagine our surprise when Rittenhouse trial lawyer & judicial candidate Tom Martin wandered into our amateurish attempts at a Bike Race spot, and stuck around to try and help.

And what a help he was! He & his wife were just looking for raffle tickets, but turned out to be ringers for our shoe-string production. 

Frazzled volunteer Tiffany had been called in last-minute, at the end of a long day, without even a script. Tom’s no doubt in practice from this month of campaigning. He helped steer Tiffany on course, and even made up his own lines to feed her when her brain got stuck.

And Nancy’s enthusiasm for the Bike Race was contagious — she & Tom don’t just love the Bike Race, they actually moved here to East Falls because of it!  True story: 30 years ago, she & Tom attended the very first bike race in 1985. Tom was (and still is) an avid cyclist, and they came out to watch Eric Heiden (USA) win the Philadelphia International Championship.

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By the time Heiden crossed the finish line, the Martins were both so charmed by historic little East Falls they spent the next two years looking for a home here!  Now with their family grown, Tom’s ready for what’s next: hopefully the opportunity to serve in Philadelphia’s courtrooms.

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A quick google of Tom show’s he’s big on Civil Rights, especially privacy. He’s also endorsed by cops, firefighters, paramedics… not that he mentioned any of this during our shoot. When we asked him if he wanted to give himself a little plug in our promo, he demurred — he’s pretty well-known in East Falls from all his years of coaching with the  East Falls Sports Association. 

Instead, Tom asked if he could just talk about the importance of voting in this springtime Election Day.

There hasn’t been a lot of news about the Philadelphia primary, but a lot of important positions are being decided, a lot of diverse candidates are running. With so many choices, Tom feels it’s especially crucial for all voting citizens to exercise their right this May 19th.  This gorgeous weather hasn’t helped people focus on election issues, either, but Tom’s hoping for a good turnout.

Let’s get to the polls, people! And don’t forget about East Falls Bike Race Block Party Sunday June 7th — as Tiffany says, it’s gonna be “awesome.”

WIN A FUJI CRUISER — RAFFLE TIX ON SALE NOW! Purchase online or stop by EFDC’s office at 3728 Midvale Avenue.

Check out the bike at National Penn Bank and stay tuned for more videos of East Fallsers going “wheeeeeee” !

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