PICK A CARD (-board scale model)

(UPDATE 2019: This survey is no longer open)

UPDATE 5-12: Progress so far on the train station survey — did you vote yet? CLICK HERE!

Help Pick East Falls’ new train station design! Quick & painless survey gets your vote directly to EFDC’s design committee — chime in now so we get all the bells ‘n whistles we want (and none that we don’t want):   EAST FALLS TRAIN STATION SURVEY.

Not so fast, though! First, a little info about this design project — Gina Snyder of the East Falls Development Corporation gave us the scoop as we were helping her set up these scale models in the EFDC office window on Midvale:

They’re student designs from an advanced PhillyU architecture class led by Lisa Phillips and David Kravitz, coordinated with Philadelphia architects Casey Coppola and Alicia Nardo to come up with innovative designs for East Falls’ new train station (slated for construction in 2019).

The two designs featured there (and in our Facebook slideshow) are intended to generate discussion at this planning stage of the process. These plans are *not* the only designs being considered — they were selected for display because each had elements the Design Committee felt were interesting, and worth considering. And looked particularly cool in the window.

Seriously, the students who did these scale models really kicked butt on ’em. Tiny cars, trains & people… Lots of little details to pour over, take a coffee break or something one of these days and check ’em out, if you can.

And then flip thru Gina’s binder of about 20 more designs from other students in the same class tasked with brainstorming new ideas for our local travel hub, taking into account our area’s unique topography and demographics.

Some elements in these designs may be a little “out there” — that’s kinda the point at this stage in the project. Our design committee has all these fresh perspectives on the next major new structure in our neighborhood, now they’d like our feedback to decide which to explore further, which to scratch off the list.


VOTE HERE!  (UPDATE 2019: Voting is over!)

One design builds up, one builds down. One seems space-age, the other’s quite green. Which do you prefer, overall?  FOR BEST RESULTS:  jot down your reasons or impressions of the design you chose, and tick off a few services or amenities you’d like to see here.

Thanks so much for participating in our first community survey, we’ve had over 100 responses in less than 24 hours — please keep your input coming! Who knows? Our new East Falls station might end up being a successful experiment in local crowd-sourcing.

One thing’s pretty sure, no matter what design we wind up with, the new building will still be an improvement over what we have now:

Thanks, PhillyU students & EFDC’s design committee for this fun opportunity create something special for our neighborhood that we can all take a little credit for.


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