Carolyn Marie Adams (Maenner) June 19, 1948 – February 21, 2016


Big hugs. Big laugh. Big heart. Those are the first three things Linda Norris (Maenner) recalled about her sister Carolyn. “She’d hug you so tight. I mean big hugs. And heart? Boy, she always did more for others than she did for herself and she always was a fighter, she never let her health issues make her mean or angry.

Eastfallslocal Rest in peace text carolyn marie adams

Carolyn’s daughter, Carolyn Grady, asked us to share a lovely message she wrote about her mother, who grew up in the Falls.

Mom loved and enjoyed spending time with her family and friends. She had a special way of bringing people together with her infectious laughter and amazing stories that would leave your imagination running. Her hugs and kisses were the most intense loving signs of affection we have ever experienced.

She also had a way with words. She told it like it was and she did not hold back, good or bad. There is nothing she wouldn’t do to help someone, she would give you the shirt off of her back if you needed it, and that was for anyone who knew her. She was an amazing force of love and kindness to all who had the honor of knowing her. We will all miss her late night calls starting with “What you doing Baby?” with a few “oh wells” and “oh boys” in between ending with “I Love You Baby.”

She was born at Roxborough Memorial Hospital in Philadelphia, PA on June 19th, 1948. She is the daughter of the late Allen N. and Ellen L. Maenner. Sister of the late Allen Nicholas Maenner and mother of the late Richard T. Adams.

She spent most of her childhood in East Falls. She then lived in the Logan section for 32 years, raising four children along the way. Later she moved to the Marshall Lee Towers in Conshohocken, before spending her final years with her daughter and son-law in Bristol PA. 

She is survived by one son David Adams (Sarah), two daughters Carolyn Grady (Kenneth) and Dorothy Criss (Michael): fifteen Grandchildren and eleven Great Grandchildren. She is also survived by four sisters Sheryl, Ellen, Linda, Joanne and many nieces and nephews.

Mom passed away suddenly February 21, 2016 at home. She was 67 years old.

Family and friends are invited to attend Carolyn’s viewing Friday February 26, 2016 at 9-10:30AM at McIlvaine’s Funeral Home (3711 Midvale Ave). Service begins at 10:30. Interment will follow at Bristol Cemetery.

A few more words about Carolyn from others who loved her –

God Bless you Carol, I know you are up there with the Lord.
– Dorothy Byrne Miller

We are Going to miss you so much aunt Carol. You were loving kind caring and shot it straight from the hip! You were the most generous person there ever was. You had more hugs and kisses and I love yous to fill hearts of all your loved ones. Oh boy I can’t believe I am writing this as you would say I am going rubber bubber bunkies. Oh well until we meet again I will cherish my memories of you. I love you baby! RIP
– Charles Robbins

Linda NORRIS and family ….please accept my sincerest condolences on the loss of you sister..
– Christine Pincituro Smith

Deepest condolences to the family.
– Tina Hayse

I love you and I will miss until we meet again. Our Heavenly Father has taken yet another child home I know God will take good care of you and that you will be in peace until all your children come to join you I know that you will find happiness with your son Ricky there in heaven I love you mom and I cannot wait until I’m with you again.
– Dottie Criss

So sorry to hear this, my thoughts and prayers are with Carolyn’s family and friends. God bless!
– Colleen Marie

She was one of a kind that is for sure. I’ll miss her phone calls just to see what is happening around here and her concern when she forgot that Rich or I had a doctors appointment and she was not able to reach me. Her last words to me was usually “love you baby” before she hung up; unless she was in a hurry to go to the store! Prayers for your family. Take care. Hugs.
– Florence Hertzler

Omg so sorry !!!
-Angelina Wilson

My Mom loved Carol. She was always making her laugh. RIP Carol.
-Rose Nagle

Going to miss her so much…She is one of a kind loving , strong ,crazy & funnier then anyone.
– Linda Norris

Oh no. So sorry to hear that. Thinking of you all. Please send my love and condolences to your mom.
– Chrissy Gallagher Healy

Thanks Chrissy I will let her know
– Linda Norris

Sorry for your loss she was a funny lady great laughs keeping you and everyone in thoughts and prayers
-Betty Schneider

So sorry
– Debi Filewicz-Collins

Damn I’m gonna miss aunt carol
– Krista Carberry

She was fun and funny!! Reminded me so much of my mom mom!! Well now they can hang out!! RIP
– Ashley Robey

I am sorry to hear
– Claudia Novitsky

Wow, I did expect to see this on my news feed! !! She was hysterical. So sorry to hear!!!!
– Christina Wilson

My deepest sympathy to you both and also your Family
– Judith A Harding

God bless
– Helene Henshaw

OMG I am so sorry for your loss. I ďidnt know Carol was that ill. I’m sorry I never made it to see her again. We had so much fun when we were on Smedley St.
– Sandy Janoske

Sorry for ur loss Dina
– Chris Schmid

Sorry for your loss.
– Tameria Robey

Aww man cuz, pwease tell me ur joking! ?
– Jillian Murray

Nope cuz
– LJ Norris

Thanks everybody
– LJ Norris

Sorry for your loss.
– Jennifer Gallagher Thompson

awe. I am so sorry for your loss… Send the family my love
– John Mccormick

I am so sorry for your Loss. I remember Carol from many years ago.
– Kathleen Israel

Sorry for your loss!!
– Carol Verdone-Flanagan

She will be in my heart forever!!
– Charles Robbins

Sorri for your loss!!
– Jorge Diaz

Sorry for your loss keeping all of you in my prayers
– Joan Doggett

May she rest in eternal peace!
– Chona Calansingin Leyes

– Bill Coyne

She was such a beautiful lady!!
– Anne Bach Spadt

So very sorry, hugs and prayers for all
– Cheryl Criss Straight

I’m so sorry and my prayers are with you Linda and Family.
– BJ Livingston

I’m so sorry for your loss, Dina…you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers…I’m here for you if you need anything
– Richard Forrest



  1. I have known Carol for many many years. Besides being loving, kind, generous and considerate to me and all who knew her she was a great friend always loyal, dependable and always had my best interest at heart. Not a mean bone in her! She was a wonderful friend to my Mom and family always helped when she was needed no questions asked. She was a friend when I needed to talk, a sister when I needed advice, and a mother when I needed a hug. I’m going to miss that “hey baby girl watcha doing” and “oh boy” that infectious laugh and our morning talks and your strong zest for life. I thought we had more time for one more laugh, one more story, one more hug. I love you and miss you more than you will ever know.

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