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Big turnout for East Falls Forward’s first Community Social last week — lots of neighbors seem excited by the potential for new commerce and development to our area. Congrats to Kevin O’Brien who won the raffle for an Android tablet. March’s EFF raffle:  Dinner for 2 at Fiorino’s, yummm. 

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Kevin O’Brien, of Scotts Mills, stopped by the BuLogics office recently to claim the Android tablet that was raffled off at the East Falls Forward mixer on February 18.

Turns out Kevin is a pretty fascinating guy — world traveler, documentary cameraman, and producer, he’s been on expeditions to the Yangtze River and Oman (to search for the ruins of a 4th century city).

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He loves adventures and  travel but, with the hassles of flying these days, (“it was much easier years ago”) his hectic pace has slowed a bit.

He’s looking forward to getting more involved in the community and EFF.

EFF Mixer Recap

Who knew beer and popcorn went together with zoning so well? After much mingling, EFF Chair Felicite Moorman invited the lively, buzzing crowd to weigh in on the zoning plan for the Falls.

Not surprisingly, St. Bridget’s was the main topic, with neighbors voicing their concerns and hopes for the Church’s future, as well our business corridor. Despite the many differences of opinion, everyone spoke, and was listened to, respectfully.

EastFallsForward Proposed zoning map

Learn more about proposed zoning changes and make your voice heard at the next EFF meeting:

Thursday 3/24/16 6:30pm (this is a fourth Thursday and not our usual third Thursday because we don’t want to compete with St. Patrick, did we?!)

We’ll have beverages and snacks — feel free to sign-up on Slack or email Felicite to bring either.

**Invite your friends**  (they’ll love us!)

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MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN RAFFLE: DINNER FOR TWO AT FIORINO’S!!!  (just sign up for FREE membership to enter)

Meeting Agenda:

6:30 – 7PM  Socializing with neighbors

7pm  Discuss voting procedures

7:15pm  Discuss outstanding zoning issues


Of particular concern to residents at 2.18.16 Meeting were:

— Proposal to rezone St. Bridget’s to CMX-3 (currently RSA-5).
— Proposal to rezone the undeveloped PHA/Penrose property on Ridge to CMX-3 (currently RM-2).
— Proposal to rezone to 4142-52 Ridge to RM-1 (currently CMX-2.5)

EastFallsLocal map again px text improved

DROPBOX LINK to online library of city planning docs, and also click here for our summary of the last meeting.


The University cannot currently make changes to their property without requesting variances from the registered community organizations and the City, requiring multiple meetings for input, letters of recommendation, and approval. Approval by the community of this plan would allow that which is on the plan to occur without additional community meetings. The plan discussed here has been in process and iterated on between the community and University for five years.

There are citizens who are requesting that the dedication of permanent green spaces be included in the plan.

8pm Adjourn Formal Meeting

JOIN HERE!  (it’s free)

Engage on Facebook, Nextdoor, and Slack.

EastFallsLocal collage whos in charge here

EFF’s officers have a history of working together on community projects. The photos above show Steve and Ryan at the Krail House Rebuild,  and Felicite with Lucky, aka “Charlie” an injured stray who turned up in a Bowman backyard, eventually reunited with his owners after months fostered at BuLogics.

FUN FACT:  The year she bought her home, Felicite (& her family) let us host a giant historical party for the neighborhood in it.

With proven success generating positive energy in East Falls, this team’s momentum is building already. Hope to see you soon!

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  1. There are like 70 miles of trails through one of the largest green spaces in any city in the world (the Wissahickon), and it’s right in our back yard.

    Tell me why I should care what Philly U does with their own property…….

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