Kitty, no! Dr. Patten explains some quirky cat behaviors

Cats can act strangely sometimes, but their unique behavior is why we love them so much!  Below I review two seemingly odd behaviors and the reasons for them.  I also offer some tips to discourage this behavior if it is bothersome to your household.

Although frustrating to many cat owners, cats love to knock things off of high places.  Don’t worry, your cat is not trying to get revenge on you for being at work all day. Cats often engage in play and exploratory behavior by batting at and pawing objects.  Cats are curious creatures and pawing and batting at object is fun for them. Even more fun is seeing what happens when that object falls off a table or high surface.

To discourage this behavior try applying double sided sticky tape to the table or counter. When your cat jumps on it he will not like the feeling of the tape on his feet and this will deter him from jumping on the table again. Providing adequate play and hunting food games will also help keep your cat away from household objects.

Some cats love to drink from running water, whether this is a sink left on or the shower. Cats may have evolved to prefer running water because in the wild, running water is often safer to drink as compared to a standing body of water. Standing bodies of water tend to allow for more bacteria and parasite growth.

If you want your cat to stay away from the sink and shower, try using a cat water fountain. These are sold at most pet stores and have been shown to be preferable to cats when compared to a regular bowl of water.

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