Crime Report: January 2024

5000 Wissahickon Ave.
Complainant parked his gray 2002 Toyota Camry ($2500) at listed time. When he returned at 9AM the next morning, the car was gone. Compl. is in possession of the keys and didn’t give permission for anyone else to use the car. Tow file checked with negative results. No surveillance video available at time of incident report.

2979 W. School House Ln. (Alden Park apts)
Complainant was at listed location from 3PM to 5:30PM. When she returned to her black 2020 BMW X5, she noticed that the rear passenger-side window was broken ($600) and her purse ($30) and credit cards were missing.

2979 W. School House Ln. (Alden Park apts)
Complainant left his apartment at 8PM. When he returned at 8:15pm, he noticed his black Palmetto State Armory PA15 AR pistol ($500) was no longer on his living room couch, which is where he left it. No forced entry, no witnesses, no video footage. Apt was locked prior to leaving. Compl transported to police station for interview.

32XX Midvale Ave.
Complainant parked his black 2020 Honda CRV ($32,000) at 10PM. When he returned to following morning at about 7:30, the car was gone. Negative results on tow file.

3601 Midvale Ave. (Rite Aid)
Employee states that an unknown offender (Black male, about 40 years old, black hoodie and pants) passed all points of purchase without providing payment for paper towels ($25.99). Surveillance available upon request.

3200 Cresson St.
Complainant parked her blue 2023 Toyota Corolla at listed time. When she returned at 12:30 the next day, she noticed that the front bumper, both front headlights, hood, and driver-side rear window had been stolen ($1700). Police surveillance camera at Cresson and Sunnyside Ave. may have surveillance of the incident.

3667 Midvale Ave. (St. Bridget’s Church)
Witness observed 3 black males, all wearing black, break the passenger-side rear window of a 2020 Toyota Camry parked in the church parking lot and enter the vehicle. When vehicle owner (complainant) arrived at the scene, he filed a police report.

2967 W. School House Ln. (Alden Park Apts.)
Complainant parked her white 2024 Chevy Malibu ($15,000) at 2PM. When she returned at 3PM, the car was missing. Tow file checked with negative results.

5450 Wissahickon Ave. (The Avenue at East Falls)
Video surveillance at the apartment complex showed an unknown Hispanic male (6 feet, thin build, wearing a gray sweatshirt) enter complainant’s white 2006 Ford Crown Victoria ($3000) and drive it northbound on Wissahickon Ave.

34XX Capital View Dr.
Complainant’s ex-partner and the mother of his children took the kids and his 2023 Chevy Tahoe ($65,000) without permission.

Rittenhousetown St. and Lincoln Dr. (Wissahickon Parking lot)
Complainant parked his 2014 Honda Civic at 12:15PM before going for a walk. When he returned at 12:28PM he noticed his front passenger window was smashed and several items were missing: 2 MacBook laptops ($3900), wallet with ID, debit, and credit cards. ($100) Police unable to obtain prints, scene contaminated

3601 Midvale Ave. (Rite Aid)
An employee witnessed a shopper (white male, gray pea coat, black pants, and brown scarf) take several items (various hygiene products totaling $257.51) and attempt to leave the store without paying. Police officer stopped male before he could exit and recovered merchandise from inside offender’s jacket. Police diverted male to Police Assisted Diversion program (diverts low-level offenders from criminal justice system to community-based services).

36XX Midvale Ave.
Complainant left her 2019 Kia Forte unattended briefly (10 minutes) to get food and returned to find her rear passenger window broken and the steering column damaged in an unsuccessful theft attempt. No surveillance or witnesses at time of report.

3300 Henry Ave. (Falls Center)
Complainant parked her white 2018 Hyundai Elentra ($20,000) and reported to work. When she returned at 3PM, the car was gone and she found shards of auto glass on the ground.

Theft (occurred 10/1/23 – reported 1/8)
3300 Henry Ave. (Falls Center)
Facilites manager for Allegheny Universities was taking inventory of company vehicles and noticed a blue/gray 2019 Nissan Sentra ($20,000) and blue/gray 2018 Honda HR-V ($20,000) were missing. Tow file checked with negative results.

31XX Midvale Ave. 
Complainant parked his light blue 2015 infiniti Q50 ($20,000) in front of his residence at approx. 10:30PM. When he returned at 6:30AM the next day, the car was gone. Tow file checked with negative results.

Swindle/Confidence Game
2979 W. School House Ln. (Alden Park apts)
Complainant states she provided a cleaning service for offender who refused to pay her for her work $350.

Aggravated assault
4100 Gypsy Ln.
During a police stop of a white GMC Terrain, officers discovered that the driver had an active warrant. They were attempting to take the driver into custody when he put the car in reverse, throwing one officer to the ground and injuring his left knee. Offender was arrested before he could flee. Officer declined treatment for his knee.

Aggravated assault
3000 W School House Ln. (Penn Charter School)
Complainant was playing ball during recess when the offender pushed him to the ground, got behind him, and put him in a chokehold. Complainant states he passed out. When he came to, he felt dizzy for the rest of the day.

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