Dance On! Photo-Recap from the Falls Bridge


If you were lucky enough to score tickets to this year 2016’s Dance on the Falls Bridge, you already know what a fantastic time it was. If not, we hope these pics (and video!) help transport you to East Falls’ biggest bash. 2017 TIX ON SALE NOW!

Don’t miss out on the year’s hottest shindig over the Schuylkill. Purchase your tickets now for a great night of music & fun Saturday September 16th.

Original post Sept 20, 2016

OK so full disclosure (and maybe a little brag, ha): for the second year in a row, East Falls Local scored press passes! <happy dance>

Last year, I was so overstimulated, what with all the costumes, the dancing, the bridge bouncing as 15oo+ people jumped in unison to “I Would Walk 500 Miles.” The flaming-hot sparklers everyone waved drunkenly at midnight — so pretty and so terrifying.


And what a spectacular view over the river at night.  What a special place to dance and enjoy near-perfect weather under the stars. A few bumps this time around, but overall 2016’s Dance on the Falls Bridge definitely delivered.

One new addition, in particular, had folks raving: aerial performers from Secret Circus, spinning and glittering above the crowd:



Another twist this year: no food truck vouchers. Kinda outta the “food truck” loop, so I have no idea if $4.00 for a small order of truffle fries is a good price, or if two ice-cream sandwiches for $11.00 sounds like ripoff or what.

Anyway, it was yummy food. All four vendors attracted a constant stream of hungry party-goers who seemed to be tucking in with gusto. We milled at the curb by MLK Drive much of the night — a prime people-watching spot.

Not just for partiers, either. We saw biker after biker approach the bridge with a look of confusion… then recognition… then despair.  Sorry, buddy, no passage without a ticket. You’ll have to turn around and come back on Kelly Drive.


Steve and I almost got stuck ourselves, coming home from a bike ride at 2:30pm to see the bridge buzzing with set-up activity (it closed at 3). BTW: It’d be really helpful next year to get a bunch of “Bridge Closing” signs up where the trail begins, and not just around the immediate area. That’s a lonnnnng way back.


Moving onto another quibble: could the beer line be any longer? As with any Open Bar, folks were eager to get their money’s worth, and the long wait for alcohol was the Number One complaint heard around the Falls Bridge that night.

We made two runs. The first took us a half hour to get to the bar, and the second time we waited 15 minutes, but then by then organizers were sending servers around to wait on people in line. Nice save! Points off, though, for these half-filled beers we were sent away with…


BUT WAIT! Turns out, they weren’t stingy — they were rushing. Gina Snyder told us afterwards that there’d been a major malfunction affecting about half of the taps, and there was a scramble for new kegs, it was evidently pretty stressful. All things considered, they handled this snafu beautifully.

And there seemed to be more open seating this year, which was nice. We found a welcoming table almost immediately, but no — much more fun to mill around, we think.



This event always brings out the flashy dressers! Costumes, even! And attitude! One of reason the Dance on the Falls Bridge is such a unique experience. You’ll see folks in cargos & flip-flops cutting a rug next to a couple in full evening attire and, oh yeah, some flappers strutting their stuff by a 90’s grunge chick in ripped jean shorts & black tights.

East Falls embraces a hodge-podge, no doubt. And we enjoy a good party here. Big props to The Sofa Kings for their constant, infectious energy that kept the bridge jumping. Thanks to Gina Snyder & EFDC for the chance to enjoy a favorite local landmark in a truly remarkable way:

**SHOUT OUT TO US WORKING STIFFS** (Look, that’s Cathy!)



PS: Overhead at Roxborough Wawa, around midnight: “Hey, are you guys just coming from the Dance on the Bridge…?” 

2017 Update: OH YEAH… and don’t forget about Castle on Tap, tickets go on sale soon for the second EF-toberfest on the river! This year, Billy Murphy’s presents live music with the Duke Brothers — and we’ve split the cover charge in half so we can really pack the house. Come out to kick off autumn in the Falls Saturday September 30th.







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