December 2018

4000 Gypsy Ln. Apt. 7XX
Complainant states that an unknown perpetrator stole his passport, his wife’s passport, and his daughter’s passport from his apartment at the listed location. There was no forced entry to complainant’s apartment. The only people who have access to the complainant’s apartment besides himself is his wife, his daughter, and the maintenance men at the apartment complex. Value: $300

2991 W Schoolhouse Ln. 
Complainant states between the hours of 2AM and 9AM on Dec.25, someone vandalized his 2019 silver Honda Pilot. A brick was found on the driver’s side floor, which was used to gain entry into the vehicle. Value: $1

2900 W Schoolhouse Ln. 
Complainant states she parked her 2015 Honda Accord at listed location on Dec. 23 at 10:30PM. When she returned on Dec. 24 at 1:30PM, she discovered the rear p/s window had been broken out and vehicle was rummaged through. Unknown if anything taken at this time. Value: $1

4100 Ridge Ave. 
Complainant states her 2008 Pontiac G6 broke down on Dec. 23 at 4PM on Ridge Ave. When she returned to scene on Dec. 28 at approximately 5PM, vehicle was gone. Tag negative for tow. Value: $2,000

2967 W Schoolhouse Ln. 
Complainant states between the hours of 3PM on Dec. 23 and 9AM on Dec. 24, unknown offender broke the passenger side window of 2011 Honda Civic and took his black wallet, which contained credit cards and $60. Value: $70

3200 Scotts Ln.
Complainant states that he last saw his silver 2012 Toyota Corolla parked on highway at 11PM. When he returned next morning at approx 9:15AM he found the passenger side window broken out and inside of the car had been rummaged through. Nothing of value taken.

3200 Scotts Ln. 
Complainant parked her 2014 Hyundai Tucson on Dec. 20 at 8:30PM. Compl. returned on Dec. 21 at 9:30AM and discovered that her front passenger window had been broken and her vehicle rummaged through. No items taken. Police unable to process vehicle due to rain.

Aggravated assault
5200 Wissahickon Ave.
Complainant stated he had a verbal dispute with listed offender at listed location. Compl stated offender fired 2 rounds towards the compl striking compl’s burgundy ford f150 in the rear passenger side trunk. Compl fled s/b from listed location in his vehicle and offender followed compl in his vehicle to BP gas station at Fox and Abbottsford. Offender then threatened compl by stating he will kill him and fled s/b on roosevelt blvd. (No arrest).

34XX West Penn St. 
Complainant had package containing baby items (value: $40) stolen off his front porch. Compl has video of offender (black male, age 50-60, gray beard, blue hoodie sweatshirt, red vest, blue jeans)

4116 Ridge Ave. 
Complainant found offender hiding under a table on the deck of the business. Survey of property revealed a broken window near where offender was hiding. Offender also in possession of a hammer. No compl. could be contacted. Scene held for NW Detectives, unable to access property to see if anything is missing or damaged.

33XX W. Penn St. 
Complainant states that he found four open boxes at the listed location. One of the packages had contained his items (backpack, medical bag) but were now missing. Other packages were from other houses on the block and were dumped there. Listed items were taken. Value: $455

34XX W. Penn St. 
Complainant states on the listed date, time and location, unknown person(s) took a package that was delivered by Amazon. Compl checked with amazon and package was delivered. No arrest. Value: $75

41XX Ridge Ave.
Unknown person(s) gained access to complainant’s 2018 Nissan Rogue using unknown method and stole several items – Mac Air computer, $60 cash, 3 gold necklaces, makeup, black Koko jacket. Value: $3,000

3232 Henry Ave.
Construction site foreman states unknown persons used cutting device to remove several items from the 2nd floor of the former Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute site between 4PM on 12/7 and 7AM on 12/10 — eight sections of copper cable wiring (8 feet long each), one 112 inch diameter cable wiring (8 feet long). Area is contaminated. No arrest. Value: $15,000.

2900 West Schoolhouse Ln.
Complainant parked his 2017 black Honda Civic at location at listed time/date. When he returned at 9:30AM on 12/6, he noticed his passenger side window was broken and a large rock was on the passenger seat. A black bag was taken from rear seat but was found farther down the block. Value: $1

5450 Wissahickon Ave. Apt. 7XX
A package from DJI delivery service was gone from complainant’s front door the day it was delivered. Package contained a phone stabilizer. Delivery confirmed by tracking information. Value: $130

4201 Henry Ave.
Complainant and her friend (compl #2) left their bags in the school hallway and when they returned, their bags were gone. Bags contained (MacBook Air Pro and Microsoft laptops, two iPhone 7 phones, Apple airpods, $200 cash, Apple watch). Unknown person used compl’s VISA credit card at Amerigas gas station for $75. Unable to track electronic devices, probably turned off. Value: $3,775

2832 Midvale Ave.
Complainant arrived at his apartment at 8PM to find two unknown males looking through apartment. Compl started to fight with males when one male cut his right thumb with a knife. Offenders damaged one TV and took the other as they fled in an unknown direction. One offender said “do not follow us or we’ll shoot you!” as he pointed a black handgun at compl. Compl. transported by medic 4 to Temple. Value: $1,020

3000 West Schoolhouse Ln.
Complainant took a Lyft ride and when she got out of the vehicle, she discovered that she left her Apple (Rose gold watch, 4 series) watch behind. She contacted Lyft, which contacted the driver. The driver found the watch but failed to give it back. Compl has repeatedly contacted Lyft but hasn’t gotten watch back. Value: $400



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