(Uh) Oh Henry

Henry Ave still bears the scars of a nasty crash last month. 

Nov 7th crash scene image courtesy of Linda Norris

Social media was buzzing Wednesday November 7th about accident on Henry Ave at Ainslie, just before 7am. “Looks like a Penske truck went into my fence and then crashed into a neighbor’s house,” Austin O wrote on East Falls Rants page, “Pieces of car everywhere…”

Witnesses reported more than one vehicle was hit – some that were parked, and others in collisions resulting from the initial crash.  Fencing and the corner of a brick rowhome sustained significant damage. No injuries were reported at the scene or in a follow-up report by Channel 3 CBS.

Ed Lampe, a neighbor from Barclay, observed that students at a Falls Center charter school often walk up this stretch of Henry every morning, “We’re lucky, there could’ve been a lot more damage.”

Indeed, though, several structures were significantly hit, and now over a month later they still remain to be repaired. Last year the community and PennDOT agreed on a traffic calming plan for Henry Avenue, which includes better signage, signaling, landscaping, and other measures you can read about here. (Also Queen Lane is getting a roundabout!)

As the neighborhood grows, traffic becomes an increasing concern for all of us. Let’s stay safe and keep informed.


    • Oh crap, Ed, sorry! We owe you a beer! How could I have mistaken you for a Barclayer when you are so very Osmondesque? We will need to print a retraction immediately. Thank you for drawing this grave oversight to our attention.

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