Deck the Hawl(eys)!

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Few things are more beautiful this time of year than a historic house decked out for the holidays.

But celebrating the Holidays in a house under construction presents its own special challenges:

stockings tree collage

How to hang stuff without damaging 200-year-0ld molding? 

Where do stockings go, when fireplaces are kinda being used for storage right now?

And what to what to do when the house’s big old oven dies on Thanksgiving…?  (answer: you carve it, stack the pieces and cram it into the apartment-sized oven conveniently still remaining from 3rd floor tenants of previous owners).


So Christmas came early for Hohenadel House this year! Not just a new stove but the vacuum also just died so Felicite jokes she’ll have one sitting under the tree with a big bow on it, like some lady-gift cliche…

tree collage

From outside, Hohenadel House looks warm and cozy this season — and inside, the smells of pine and new construction mingle so it’s all wintery and woodshoppy at once.

art collage

Boxes of ornaments mix with artwork recently sprung from storage into a colorful chaos.

Peace on Earth? More like Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, which feels just right for this high-octane household.

Stout and Novi pm

When it’s time to chill out, though, the family is hooked up: check out their squishy comfy couch, big enough for the whole pile of them (when Stout & Novi aren’t hogging it). They’re investing in a kickass home theater, and are looking forward to cuddling up together for movie nights in the pretty room with the golden chandelier & sconces.

They’re also looking forward to Felicite’s birthday party, coming up next weekend. The words “bash” and “extravaganza” have been tossed around, which is perfect. The one thing we learned back in October:  Hohenadel House loves parties!

Stay tuned as Hohenadel House’s first Christmas continues, and we find out what’s in store for the family in 2015.

Wishing us all the best holidays ever.

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