DIY Art Corner: Rainbows for Fall

Who says fall has to be orange and black? This kids’ art project brings together a rainbow of colors to enliven your home thru the season.

I love bright and colorful. There is something that is so happy about being reminded of rainbows. Maybe it’s the inner child wanting to find that pot of gold at the end or maybe it’s just that I dig colors.

Pumpkins aren’t just the Halloween anymore! Traditionally, fall decor is orange and black but these days you’ll see lime greens and purples in the mix, too. And why stop at Halloween? Pumpkins of all colors bring a warm, autumnal vibe to Thanksgiving decor as well. And they make great gifts for friends and family, too. What a fun project to get kids excited about upcoming visits!

For this project you will need:

First, you’ll need to find a white pumpkin so that your colors can really pop. Mine is a Funkin faux pumpkin.

Decide your colors to work with. I grabbed a box of, like, 32 crayons and found that they weren’t all super bright and pretty. In the future, I’d probably buy a smaller set sure to have the basic colors inside.

Peel the paper from your crayons.  You can use a slice down the paper with a craft knife to help this go much faster.

Glue your crayons to your pumpkin.

Get that blow dryer heated and ready……and watch those crayons drip!

Be sure to protect your work surface with a drop cloth as things get kind of crazy.

Point your blow dryer at random angles at the wax to help it spread instead of running straight down. Allow to cool and set.

In the areas where you need more color add another glued on crayon and hit it with the blowdryer all over again.

Now isn’t this little bit of Halloween/fall decor just too much fun?!?

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