DIY Art Corner: Sock Snowmen!


Stuck inside? Here’s the perfect family art project for riding out the arctic weather.

I think we can all agree that snowmen made out of socks are rather adorable!  The best part is, you can make them with just few household items, so it is also a good reuse/recycling as well as a 3D art lesson!

For this craft, you’ll need a pair of old socks that are crew length, or longer. Check out your sock drawer or closet for stray socks that have lost their pair.

  • First, cut off the top of the sock from the foot.
  • Turn the sock inside out and attach a rubber band tightly to the top of the sock. Then turn the sock right-side out again.
  • Fill the sock with rice. Make sure to pack it down as you go so the sock gets a nice round base.
  • Rubber band the top of the sock closed and put another rubber band 3/4 of the way to the top for the head of your snowman.

Now, to decorate!

  • Tie a scarf around your snowman’s neck and add eyes, nose, and buttons. I used map pins for my eyes. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any black ones, so I colored white ones with sharpie and stuck them in.
  • Use the toe of your cut socks to fashion a stocking cap.
  • You can either sew or glue on your buttons, and add embellishments – twine, bows, ribbons, etc – as needed.

This is such a quick and easy craft – 10 minutes tops – that it would be simple to create a whole family of snowmen for your mantle

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