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When the temps soar, count on Time Out For Pets to keep everyone safe & comfortable! East Falls pets spill some of TOFP’s trade secrets. 

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Hello East Falls! Ted and I are thrilled to announce this summer, Time Out For Pets just celebrated our 15th anniversary! Big thanks to all of our Mommies and Daddies for trusting us to love and care for your precious Babies. These sweltering weeks may be called the “Dog Doys” of Summer, but we shower extra-TLC on all of our beloved clients — the dogs, and cats, rabbits, reptiles, fish, etc.

We sat down with a few of our favorites recently, you may recognize some furry faces peeking out of windows, or on neighborhood walks.  We asked them some questions, here are their replies. We cleaned up some of the language — ahem, Noche! — but otherwise let them tattle.

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Melvin (9 year-old bulldog):  How did you ensure I did not miss my Mom so much when she was away? 

We gave you lots of rubs, sat on the floor next to you, then turned on the television and tiptoed out when we heard you snoring.

Pixie (5 month-old French bulldog): How do you make sure we are OK when it’s 95° in the shade?

We walk in the shade or on grass (even if it means driving you to the park), so your feet avoid the hot pavement. We bring water and a bowl. We let you rest under the trees.  It’s not safe to stress you in the heat.

Layla, Tabatha, Casper and Boots (cats): What is your philosophy about how to treat cats and dogs?

We dote upon you and spoil within limits. You are all our treasures despite any mischievous or less than perfect behavior! We like the saying, “cats are like potato chips—it’s hard to have just one!”

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Annie (12 year-old Golden Retriever):  Why do you always gently tap my spine starting at the base of my neck?

We learned from our holistic veterinarian that by doing so we stimulate your energy meridians, which is good for all dogs, cats and people!

Teddy (Huge Newfoundland):  Please tell everyone about my special girl! 

Handsome Teddy fell for beautiful Annie. Sadly Teddy is moving to Delaware so theirs will be a long-distance romance.

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Oscar (Pomeranian mix): Do you have favorite treats you give us?

Oscar, you — like close to 95% of our dog clients — love the Pedigree beef marrow bone treats. You also like the tiny Charlee Bear treats with liver, only 3 calories apiece. The “limited ingredient” treats by Natural Balance and grain free Buddy Bear biscuits.

Also, one of my favorite things is to cook real beef marrow bones because the marrow is so healthy and the bones have such wonderful flavor. They are also a great way to clean a dog’s teeth. (ed note: Please read about the pros and cons of feeding bones to dogs)

Carlos (40 year-old parrot):  Tell a humorous anecdote about a bird!

Recently, you were so vocal that we realized we needed to spend more time talking to you. Also, we left the television news on for you. When we first turned it on, you got quiet right away! Who are you going to endorse Carlos for the upcoming election?!

Roxy (13 year-old Boxer): Tell everyone why you love me so much!

I (Leslie) told you Roxy I was raised with boxers, but the fact is I love all dogs. Ted was raised with all sized dogs. Also Roxy, you are so understanding because you allow us to use the big harness that helps support you.

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Toby (9 year-old Cockapoo):  Is there something silly/fun parents of your clients might be surprised to hear?

Yes, we are excellent at “dog/cat talk.” It must be the lilt in our voices, because the dogs wiggle and seem to love it.

Worf (15.5 year old Great Dane-Pitt, owned by Leslie & Ted) What’s the hardest part of your job?

When our client animals get sick or pass, it is as though we are losing one of our own beloved pets.

From all the interviewees: What makes Time Out For Pets exceptional?

We are so attuned to our clients! Whatever they need that makes them happy — we don’t mind lying on the floor next to you (we might fall asleep beside you); we dry you off, clean your eyes or give you pills. And hair on the clothes…. So what!

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Ted and I have both owned and cared for many different species of pets throughout our lives. We’re proud (and honored) to provide experienced local care and truly personal service at affordable rates.

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UPDATE FROM NOCHE  (15 year-old black cat owned by Leslie & Ted, also known as the “Mayor of New Queen,” frequently seen at his favorite hangout, Apollos Pizza):

“I heard that everyone loved my story from an earlier issue of EF Local. I know all the shady places on New Queen Street. As soon as Mom opens the door at 7 am, I have radar and come racing to eat my wet food on our porch. If I’m really hungry, and she has already opened the back door for my younger brother and sister kitties, I eat on the dining room table. I love ice water and as of this summer, my mom only leaves dry food out for 15 minutes so that the flies don’t land on it and the birds don’t eat it!” 


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