Nosy Neighbor Report: Queen Lane Reservoir

What’s going on at the Rezzie? PWD tells all…

Philadelphia Water Department announced on Nextdoor May 1st that plans were moving forward for new security measures for East Falls’ Queen Lane reservoir. They’re installing new fencing to create a 50-foot buffer between the public and the water, a measure intended to help keep our water supply safe from terrorist bomb attacks.  Apparently, this reservoir is one of only three that provides clean drinking water to Center City and Northwest Philly neighborhoods – and needs to be secured.

Here’s what’s planned for this project:

  1. 8-foot black fence around the perimeter, installed 50 feet from the existing chain-link fence along the basins (and also along the Monument Corner and both sides of Fox Street).
  2. 25-foot high light standards (4000K & 12,240 lumens)
  3. Regrading the fenced-in area to create a more gentle slope.
  4. Landscaping here includes shrubs and plantings plus 36 new canopy trees along Queen Lane: 10 Sugar Maples, 10 Shagbark Hickory, 4 Willow Oaks, 6 Chestnut Oaks, and 6 Red Oaks. (Monument Corner is also getting canopy trees along with some evergreens and ornamentals, too.)

The project should be finished by July 2019. When completed, there will still be room for a dog run here in the leveled space between the black fence and the wall on Queen Lane. For more information, contact the Water Dept at  or visit their online FAQ.

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