EFDC: Hooray for East Falls Business!

EFDC’s Gina Snyder shouts out to our supportive community of local services and industries that help make our neighborhood a great place to live. 

Lately I have been thinking about how wonderful it is to work with small businesses in East Falls.  When there is a call to action, there is a core group of folks who always step up to the plate.

Take the example of the Trolley Car Teachers’ Fund.  Ken Weinstein, who owns the Trolley Car Diner in Mt. Airy and the Trolley Car Café in East Falls, established a fund for public school teachers in these neighborhoods to apply for modest grants.

For East Falls, Thomas Mifflin School (K-8) is the only local public school.  Last year was the first year for these grants in East Falls.  I took a look at the requests from the teachers and saw that some needed just basic office supplies.   I asked some businesses if they wanted to make a donation, and they immediately did.  The Trolley Car grants focused on “extras” for the teachers; the East Falls biz community filled in with the basics.

This year was just the same.  There was one grant request with “office supplies” on the list – a projector, pencils, crayons, copy paper and the like.  I put the word out and immediately got back joy.

Within a few hours, Johnny Manana’s (Tim Bonnie), Falls Flowers (Peicha Chang), William Penn Charter School (James Ballengee), National Penn Bank (Michael Laing), East River Bank (Brandy Intindolo), Slices Pizza (Jim Williamson), RG Group (Ronan Gill who makes t-shirts and the like), Metro Presbyterian Church, and Simon Says Brownies (Stacy Simon) said they would help!  Petrone Real Estate and Long and Foster (Heather Petrone Shook) adopted a classroom and is helping all year long!!!

The Trolley Car grant funded needed science supplies and other teaching tools.  Through the EFDC partnership with the Trolley Car, we were able to leverage extra stuff for the school.  So glad that we are not dependent on national chains – the few that are here don’t pitch in, ever... Thank you Ken and all of these local biz and organizational folks.  You help make East Falls a true community!!!

Speaking of local businesses….

My office is moving from 3728 Midvale Ave to 4133 Ridge Ave, First Floor.  The EFDC bought the Ridge Avenue building and will be doing some renovations over the next several months.  In the meantime, I am experiencing the drudgery of moving…

I am using the opportunity to toss out a lot of old paperwork and miscellaneous items.  But a lot has to come with.  Local business folks have pitched in (when they see my frowny face, especially!!).

Golden Crust (Faye Boyce) has brought over some soup, Furlong Law (Paul Furlong) has helped move boxes, Slices Pizza (Jim Williamson) has gone into the basement and separated the wheat from the chaff, RG Group (Ronan Gill) brought over a trailer and took some loads, EastFallsLoal.com (Steve Fillmore) helped move some of the delicate Phila U models of the SEPTA station, and Frequency Tattoo (John Howie) helped me update my stationary.  My bookkeeper (from Carlton Services), Valerie Lyn Isaacs came in and helped pack.  I need some technology help and Whole Technology (Anthony Landolfo) came through with such ease.  And, to transfer my security system, my favorite security company Chalmers (Jon Chalmers) set up me up.

The new office needs some design inspiration.  Verden Interior Design Studios (Glynis Tart) helped me with an initial layout.  EnnisNehez (Val Nehez) has talked with contractors and brainstormed several ideas.  And, WIT Design (EFDC President Sharon Jaffe) is working through a lot of the details and design refinement.  We haven’t started the renovation because I need to live with the space but I know and trust that great ideas will be brought to the table.

Friends, I could not have done it without you!!!

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