EFF: Time to Vote!

Voting now closed. Neighbors weighed in on zoning for a multifamily unit on Ainslie and changes for Penn Charter’s Strawbridge campus off School House. 

#1 SUPPORT OR DENY: Variance request for 3502 AINSLIE STREET

Synopsis: The legalization of a long-existing multifamily building (from three to four units) located at 3502 Ainslie Street for the stated purpose of permitting for updates and upgrades.

There are four units in the property. One apartment on the first floor, two on the second, and one on the third. The building is configured as a four family dwelling, each unit with kitchens, bathrooms and sleeping areas in each apartment.

No neighbors objected at meetings. Adjacent neighbor expressed some concerns about repair of a retaining wall (not relevant to zoning, just FYI). Their ZBA meeting is Wednesday, June 27th.

Presentation above from public EF zoning meeting Wednesday June 20th (at Jefferson University’s Tuttlemen auditorium).

Click to view refusal

#2 SUPPORT OR DENY: Variance request for 3001/3005 W. School House Lane

Synopsis: Penn Charter’s baseball field project received a refusal from the City and seeks a variance in order to initiate construction.

This project includes the demolition of the former JEVs property located just past Fox Lane off School House Lane (SHL) on the Wissahickon side of SHL and the conversion of that area plus part of the existing athletic fields into a new ball field as well as parking.

There were a dozen or more questions at the meeting, but no objections of note. Penn Charter is working directly with no less than two neighborhood associations. Their ZBA meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday July 18th.

Presentation above from public EF zoning meeting Wednesday June 20th (at Jefferson University’s Tuttlemen auditorium).

Click to view refusal.  

FYI: Penn Charter is also working on Special Purpose INstitutional Zoning (SPIN) which will affect their entire campus. Click here to view more information.

Follow EFF for the results or come out to July’s meeting.

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