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Brown, Green, and Purple for the Blue Seat in the 10th

A colorful showdown is brewing in West Philly’s 10th state legislative district, where a triple rematch with three very different Democrats on the ballot: Incumbent Amen Brown -v- progressive activist Cass Green -v- Sajda “Purple” Blackwell, a local radio station owner with deep political roots.

The last election in 2022 was the first held for the 10th District, which had just been created after Pennsylvania’s redistricting. Brown almost got kicked off the ballot for some financial missteps, but ultimately secured his win, just barely squeaking past Green by fewer than 200 votes. Last year, Brown tried his hand at the mayoral race but only managed to garner less than 2% of the citywide vote.

Since then, Green has been gaining traction with progressive organizations, rallying against Brown’s stances on charter school expansion and mandatory minimum sentences. On the other side, Sajda Blackwell, a proud member of the West Philly political family, is gathering support from current and former elected officials. Even Sheriff Rochelle Bilal made a notable appearance at her campaign launch.

As a non-profit news outlet, we can’t officially endorse any candidate, and as residents outside the 10th District, we don’t even have a vote in this race. But as friends and colleagues in WHYY’s News & Information Community Exchange, we could not be more proud or thrilled to cheer Purple on! All eyes on West Philly this April – may the best candidate win. Meanwhile please enjoy another N.I.C.E. partner’s recent interview with We Talk Weekly:

 Quotes from Purple’s Campaign Trail (from a video taken at Purple’s launch party 1/21/24):

I’m here to stand today safe. We need somebody that ain’t faking the game. We made somebody out there in the streets working for the people 24/7 There’s nothing that you can ask, and then if she can do it, she will. I’ve never seen a woman work as hard as she do. She gives to every body, every single one that she comes across. We need that in our politics today.
Rochelle Bilal (Sheriff – City of Philadelphia)

And she’s a fighter. She will stand with you in the midst of your lowest lows and your highest highs. When I tell you she got your back, she got your back!  Sajda Blackwell!  — Ronesha Howerton (CEO of Credit Medics)

We know why you haven’t been avoided because the people that have been running haven’t been representing you. That’s not the case with Sajda Blackwell. I know she’s identified as a Democrat, but she’s a people representative, you understand — she represents the people.  — Jon McKay (Host at PQRadio1)

Let us elect a leader who will listen to our voices, fight for our rights, work tirelessly to address the challenges we face. Together, we can build a stronger, more inclusive community where no one and I mean, no one is left behind.   — Tommy Blackwell (Husband and CEO Blackwell Culture Alliance)

Purple in her own words:

I am a daughter, I am an aunt. I’m a sister. But I am also a teen mother who survived and domestic violence. I am also a victim of gun violence. My family is the victim of gun violence. We need us to fight for us and the state. I’m gonna do that. For you. I need you to help me fight for real change. Not now but when? Right now! ✊🏾💜🗳️ Remember: if you’re not at the table, you are on the table.

Confirm your voting status now at IWILLVOTE.COM/PA where you can register if it turns out you’re not good to go (last day to register is April 8th).

📌 ABOUT THE 10th:  This District includes Logan Square, Powelton, Walnut Hill, Mantua, Mill Creek. A little bit of Cobbs Creek, too, and then it goes to the Amtrak station and then over to the Schuylkill behind Belmont (basically the bottom part of West Philadelphia, from 52nd and Pine, before you cross the street to Logan).

Learn more about all these candidates on their websites:

and pahouse.com/RepAmen

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