EPPI Concerns About Recent Sale to Senior Care Provider

What to do with the defunct Eastern PA Psychiatric Institute? Last month we said NO to a correctional facility and YES to cleaning up the spontaneous public dump in its parking lot, for starters. Progress this week:

An agreement has been accepted to move forward with a plan to turn the $2.1 million-dollar property at 3232 Henry Ave into affordable housing, community-based services and nursing care for seniors.

“Folks feel like they’ve been blindsided,” said state Rep. Pamela DeLissio, whose district officially includes the site this Dec. 1. While DeLissio and other community leaders try to sort through the details of the bidding process, we’re hoping now the public’s eye has turned here, perhaps the property’ll get the cleanup it sorely needs.

11-3 Dump closer 3

11-3 Dump closer 4



11-3 Dump closer

11-3 Dump in the parking lot

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