St. Bridget Apartment/Parking Plan

NextDoor parking updates

Neighborhood FYI: This plan for re-purposing St. Bridget’s old school buildings into apartments was posted earlier this Fall:
11-4 St Bridgets proposed plan
Why not? Well, for starters:  PARKING! Rumor has it that those 12 designated spots in St. Bridget’s parking lot might no longer be on the table.
St. Bridgets old church on stanton now empty lot
While we’re thrilled these lovely old buildings will be renovated rather than knocked down, we’d like to see some basic living services in the neighborhood for these new residents — a grocery store, maybe, would be a step in the right direction?
St Bridget Artist Rendering
Meanwhile, we’ve got the artist’s rending to look forward to (although, frankly, doesn’t look like a whole lot of “rendering,” ha).

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