February 2018

3502 Scotts Ln.
Complainant, owner of business at location, left it secured at 6:15PM on 2/15. When he returned at 7:20AM on 2/16, he discovered several items missing as well as his white 2007 Ford work van. Keys to van were taken from the business office, which was ransacked. Video cameras captured unknown truck approaching scene prior to incident and owner’s van being driven away afterward. NW detectives recovered two latent prints from fuse box at the scene. Stolen items: Welders, grinders, keys, and van.

3000 Queen Ln.
Front passenger-side window of complainant’s 2014 Honda Civic smashed and center of steering wheel (containing airbag) missing. Complainant states vehicle belongs to her parents. Value: $500

5400 Wissahickon Ave.
Complainant parked his 2010 Honda Accord at listed location without damage. When he returned, he found the passenger-side window smashed and airbag missing from his vehicle. Value: $500

4500 Kelly Dr.
Complainant parked her vehicle in the Schuylkill River Trail parking lot and went for a run. When she returned, her passenger-side window had been smashed and several items taken. Compl called police immediately but left after waiting 2 hours with no response. Scene contaminated due to rain and compl driving vehicle away from location. Stolen items: Dooney & Bourke purse, Rayban sunglasses, iPod, $20, and various credit cards and prescription meds. Value: $420

Auto Theft
38XX The Oak Road
Complainant states she parked her vehicle at listed location at 11am, and place her car keys in her jacket. Jacket was hanging in entrance to building which multiple people walk in and out of. Compl states that a black male in his 20’s wearing dark clothing was walking around the area inside the building which he did not belong. No arrests made. Value: $18,000

Burglary & forcible entry
33XX Indian Queen Lane
Complainant and witness left their apartment at 1:30pm and when they returned at 6PM they found the door knob of their apartment door broken off and on the floor. The apartment did not appear to be burglarized. Nothing missing, no arrests.

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