February 2021

36XX Indian Queen Ln.
Complainant recently moved in with daughter (witness) to end relationship with offender after argument over narcotics use. Offender came to listed location and began arguing about property and compl’s healthcare. During argument offender punched two holes in a bedroom door. Compl. said offender is refusing to return her prescription medications.

Lincoln Dr & Rittenhousetown Ln.
Complainant observed offender #1 (Black female, light complexion, 5’6”, thin build) inside of her red Range Rover. Compl confronted offender, who grabbed compl’s hair, punched her and took her iPhone 8 and fled the location in a 2016 silver Nissan w PA tag LCM-0826, driven by offender #2 (no description). Value: $800

3300 Ainslie St. 
Complainant, a private seller on Craiglist, was attempting to sell dirtbike for $3800 when the potential buyer inspecting the bike pulled out money and counted out $3100. Offender suddenly put the money away, jumped on dirt bike, and drove away. Dirtbike has black tires, black saddle and is yellow/white. It also has KB5 vinyl decals.

3500 Calumet St.
Complainant parked his 2017 silver Mitsubishi Outlander at 12:01AM. When he returned on 2/23 at 10AM, the vehicle was gone. Police checked tow file with negative results. Value: $19,000

5500 Wissahickon Ave. 
Complainant parked her 2002 white Honda CRV at Alden Park Apts parking lot at 4PM. She returned at 8:30AM on 2/25 to find rear hatch open and catalytic converter missing. Scene processed with negative results. Value: $1200.

4300 Kelly Dr. 
Complainant (Temple track coach) states that he parked a university van with his team at 7:30AM. When he returned at 9AM, he saw that the driver side window was broken out with several items missing. Police processed scene with negative results. No cameras in the area. Vehicle: 2019 black Ford van. Stolen items: iPhone 12, iPhone 10, 1 pair of Nike shoes, 10 pairs of warm up pants and jackets and $310 cash. Value: $2800

5500 Wissahickon Ave.
Complainant received a delivery notification for a baby stroller on 1/26. When compl went to the building mailroom to retrieve it, it was no longer there. Compl spoke with management. She also checked video surveillance and witnessed an unknown Black male enter the mailroom and take compl’s package, along with other items. Value: $300

40XX Ridge Ave. 
Complainant states offender took clothes that were worth approximately $1,500 and Samsung 40″ TV that cost approximately $150. Compl states offender had a key to his apartment because she was residing at listed location, but compl has since had offender evicted. Compl advised PFA information. Compl also stated that offender told him via text messages that she would mail compl’s property. Value: $1650

3300 Henry Ave.
Complainant parked his Isuzu truck at 3:30PM. When he returned on 2/11 at 3:30am, he found the rear door latch had been forced open/damaged in an unknown manner. $2,000 in coins were taken from the safe, which had the padlock cut off. Value: $2000

5500 Wissahickon Ave. 
Property manager (complainant) states unknown offender was observed attempting to steal packages from the mailroom and was interrupted by staff. Offender was unable to take packages out of room and fled location in a white Mazda van. Compl has cellphone footage of incident.

4200 Ridge Ave.
Witnesses found Unit Manager for United Peers unresponsive. Medic 16 pronounced victim deceased at 8:35AM. NWDD on location. Scene suspicious, per detectives’ investigation. Possible gunshot hole in left side of head. No note, no firearm on scene.

4247 Ridge Ave. 
Complainant parked his black 2012 Landrover Sport at 1PM on 2/6 at listed location. When he returned on 2/8, he noticed the vehicle was missing. Tow files checked with negative results. Value: $12,000

3629 Midvale Ave.
Complainant parked his white 2016 Mazda CX 5, on roadway at listed location. He returned on 2/9 at approx 11am to find rear passenger side quarter window broken out and $500 cash taken from center console. Scene processed by police with negative results. Value: $500

5450 Wissahickon Ave. 
Complainant states his white 2016 VW Superbeetle was missing from the private parking lot at listed location. Compl did not have a parking permit, but nothing showing in tow file at time of report. Private tow for apartments stated they did not tow vehicle, no parking violations issued to vehicle at that location. Value: $13,000

From the files of the 39th District. Special thanks to Captain Anthony Ginaldi and the dedicated officers of his command for making this section possible.

If you notice suspicious activity, please call 911 immediately. Also call the 39th district at 215-686-3390 and ask for the Crime Prevention Officer.

If you have security cameras, please register them with OPERATION SAFECAM – it’s a free service offered by the Police Department. Video captured by your camera may assist in the investigation of a crime.

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