Fish Sculpture Finds New Home (Again)

UPDATE: Back at Inn Yard Park, our fish bike rack inspires another artist commission & perhaps an exciting new plan for our riverfront business district. 

Wow, talk about a migratory species! Artist Sandra Webberking’s catfish bike rack spent last year moving up & down Ridge Avenue from Inn Yard Park to Frequency Tattoo and now back “home” again with construction complete on the new crosswalk & parking at Stanton.

Frequency Tattoo, now, needs a replacement and fortunately Sandra shares our dream of cool, custom bike racks throughout East Falls. She’s already met with Frequency’s owner, John Howie, and together they’re exploring ideas for perhaps an Art Deco-style rack outside his shop — and hopefully other bike racks & functional art along our river, as well.

EFDC’s Gina Snyder seems into the idea, too — she’ll be meeting with both Sandra & John later this month to discuss contributions & fundraising, ideally coordinated with this year’s Bike Race Block Party. We’re psyched to follow this neighborhood art initiative, and looking forward to funking up East Falls’ riverfront with more local art we can all use & enjoy.


Original post May 29, 2016: A unique East Falls sculpture has found a new home at Frequency Tattoo.

The Catfish bike rack was created in 2011 by artist Sandra Webberking at the request of the East Falls Development Corp. Its home has been on the sidewalk next to Inn Yard park but recent construction to create street parking on Ridge Ave. meant it was time for the fish to relocate.

Enter John Howie, owner of Frequency Tattoo, who always loved the funky nature of  the sculpture. Fortunately he kept in touch with Gina Snyder of EFDC and they worked to relocate it to his shop.


The Artist’s Take

“The Catfish incorporates a variety of scrap metal pieces, including farm equipment, pipe and rebar. The piece is about creating fluid movement with lines that directs your eye around the sculpture.   

 “I secretly dream that the catfish will entice the people of East Falls to ride their bikes to work so that they can use something that I made just for them. 

 “I envision kids chaining their bikes and climbing on him. (please don’t fall, ok? I only want happy smiling people around catfish.)

 “I love the idea of beauty found in the mundane concept of a bike rack.”

— Sandra Webberking
Catfish Swims Into East Falls
February 22, 2012



    • Good idea, Donna! A neighbor on another page commented that he was surprised to learn the fish sculpture was also a bike rack — he’d thought it was too cool to use, but nope. Sandra the artist replied, “I am always happiest when people interact with my work. The thought of functional art is always my favorite. Less pedestal, more connection!”

      We’ll get a pic up soon, thanks for chiming in.

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