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Music can soothe your troubled spirit and heal an injured heart. Local landlord/hip-hop artist Noah Accorsi’s album “Every Day Counts” reminds us that happiness is a choice we make — not just for our own well-being but to make the world a better place.  (PS: free music!)


Funny how a simple story can stick with you, and help steer your choices and decisions. While there’s no shortage of critics who sniff down their nose at Richard Bach’s 70’s classic, a quick google of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” leads to pages of people who credit this book for life-changing insights & dreams of new possibilities.

In fact, first-year* Fallser Noah Accorsi — aka “Sir Noah Lot” (!) — used seagull imagery from the book’s cover on his last album as a nod to its positive themes that helped him deal with a year of personal/professional loss and pain.   (*he also lived here 2008-2012 as a student at PhillyU.)

“I was deep into a project that was putting me through hoops and I just had to finally just let go, take a loss, try to process something good out of what went down.”

“I had also lost a close friend from PhilaU — that’s where the concept of ‘Every Day Counts’ became clear to me: that I was accepting the energy of these two things that happened, and making a very conscious decision to channel it into creating some sort of positive product.”

Favorite books helped (obviously) and so did returning to the music he loved when he first discovered hip-hop: West Coast rappers — especially Tupac Shakur, “A lot of people think of him as this ‘gangster rapper guy’ but really his music can really lift people up, from all walks of life.”

Before long, Noah was writing lyrics again. “What came out felt freeing. And really positive. As songs came together, I knew I was onto something I wanted to share with the world.” So he reached out to producers, vocalists, musicians… Trading tunes online, whenever a performer’s talent struck him, he’d do his best to collaborate.

The result is fun, eclectic hip-hop that uplifts and encourages us to live and love to our fullest potential. The eight tracks of “Every Day Counts” explore themes of time, creativity, growth, dreams, and happiness that Noah hopes will resonate with all audiences.

He even went to NYC to film a video for the title track — careful, though. Its hook will infect your brain. For weeks after I first played it, I’d find myself walking in step to a chorus of “Every day counts, every day counts…” in my head. But, hey, what a message to drill home.

His music pulls in piano, sax, guitar, two amazing female vocalists… An incredible producer who mixed the whole album…  Friends who showed up in his video, even. “I’m so grateful for all the support I’ve had and the incredible talents I’ve been fortunate to work with — and who I am still working with now.”

Sir-Noah-Lot’s new album (dropping soon) is even more polished and radio-ready, but Noah’s quick to point out he’s not trying to “make it big” or be a pop superstar or anything. He has a day job, thank you — and as a sideline he’s renovating the top two floors of his twin (near Conrad) into a 2-bedroom rental so… yeah. When pressed, Noah’s not really sure why he’s working so hard on his music.

Finally, he offers, “When I make music, I learn so much connecting with all these great artists. With every new album, I’m able to reach higher.” If his efforts can inspire someone else to spread their wings? Super score!

BTW, back when Noah was a psych major at PhillyU, he performed a few shows at the old “Gatehouse Cafe” (where Founded is now). He can’t wait to get in front of an audience again, hopefully soon, when his new album is out & finds local space that’ll work for him.

Meanwhile, take a listen online — Sir-Noah-Lot’s SoundCloud is a joy! No matter what your taste in music, you’ll groove on Noah’s bliss behind the mic.  The man’s heart’s on his sleeve, and he’s not holding back for anything.

Go, Noah! We’re happy to support a local talent with a positive message for our community.

WANT TUNES? We’re happy to drop off a copy of Noah’s CD “Every Day Counts” to any local address, just shoot us an email. Free for all cool people and music lovers.

Follow Sir Noah Lot on Facebook for new music from East Falls.

“BIG THANKS to James Hartnett, producer/sound engineer/dj who mixed and elevated every track with his unique talent.

“Special thanks the skills & talents of Kris VanHuystee who produced every single instrumental for this album from Ukraine.” — snl



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