Wedded in a Winter Wonderland


Old Academy provides an historic backdrop for this local couple’s ceremony and reception — Mother Nature adds extra sparkle! Introducing: wedding announcements in East Falls Local. 

When Epicure Cafe’s head waitress Rita DeSilva told us her niece was getting married in East Falls — at Old Academy, yet —  we were on board with our camera to capture love in local history.

The year’s first snowfall added to the romance, congratulations to Katlyn and Randy Krok of Roxbourgh — and big thanks for sharing their special day with us.

The couple met through friends at the age of 13, but they didn’t start dating until 2013. Their son, Scott (aged two), was in on Randy’s proposal last July, “He ran up to me with a ring, saying ‘Take Daddy’s last name.'” Awwww…

Her uncle, Christopher Wunder, put her onto Old Academy — he’s been active in the theater for over 30 years, and knew The Players had the perfect space for Katlyn and Randy. The “Carfax” building nextdoor has a big hall upstairs with exposed brick, tall beamed ceilings, a dancefloor… even a room below for changing.

Although the snow provided a magical backdrop, it caused some delays and hiccups that both the guests and wedding party rolled with beautifully. Even the kids — especially the kids, actually! Hours of time to kill before the ceremony: no one got cranky, no one konked out. They were impossibly cute to watch playing so nicely in their little suits and dresses.

Not only did little Scott make an adorable ring-bearer, he’s also not a bad photographer for a toddler. I let the kids pass around an extra point-and-shoot I had with me, and some of the pics came out pretty nice. Give them a few years, they’ll put me out of a job. Great (ha).

When the sun set, the room twinkled with strings of fairy lights and a dj cued up Pachelbel’s Canon, beginning the procession of six suited gentlemen and six regal ladies in apple-red, floor-length gowns by David’s Bridal.

The bride wore a strapless A-line gown with a crystal & pearl-embellished bodice, and matching elbow-length blusher veil. Katlyn was accompanied down the aisle by her father, Ed Wunder, who then held his grandson (who’d done his duty with the rings) while his parents took vows to love and honor each other forever.

Not a dry eye in the house. After a wedding party roll call, the lights went low, the music turned up, and the new Mr. & Mrs. Krok took their first spin in the limelight to the tune N-Sync’s “This I Promise You.”

The wedding party soon joined them for a dance to “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz, which was our cue to leave the lovebirds to their party…

Outside in the snow, Old Academy practically glowed in the moonlight, looking every part its old glory as the neighborhood’s first public gathering space: a church, a school, even a library.

The stately buildings on this property have been hosting celebrations since 1819 — almost two hundred years of performances, memorials, graduations, anniversaries. And weddings!

Cheers to Randy and Katlyn for taking the plunge, and stepping into East Falls history.

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