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Wissahickon Brewing Company’s Tasting room on Schoolhouse lane’s not officially open yet, but you can wet your whistle here with a peek at some recent Open Houses. 

OMG, guys! We have beer here! Really really good beer, too. In a warm, cozy location you will love!

Recently, Wissahickon Brewing Company‘s been opening up to the public for a few hours here & there (they announce times last-minute on social media). We’ve been lucky to hit a few of these Open Houses, and now that we’ve had a sample, we’re thoroughly psyched about their new tasting room OPENING SOON (!!).

If you haven’t been yet, these photos will give you a sense of what you’re missing — and what’ll soon be luring crowds of Hipsters/Gen-Xers to this once-forgotten stretch of Schoolhouse, no doubt.

First and foremost: how was the beer, right? Upon enthusiastic investigation, we can share some observations on the brews we’ve tried so far — not an exhaustive run-down, mind you, but hopefully enough to give you an idea of WBC’s style. (Note: though neither of us has any “formal” training in beer appreciation, we’ve both put in a lot of time in the lab, ha.)


  1. Tripel Citrus: a Belgian strong ale, it’s fruity without being sweet — with a nice gentle hop bite. Sublime & delicious, but at 8+% abv, I tend to shy away from it, personally. If you’ re gonna go high octane, here’s a great choice for sure.
  2. Ole Wiss: Usually pale ales are too hoppy for me, but something about WBC’s American-style hits a yummy spot I didn’t know I had. Ole Wiss has so much flavor, it’s almost chewy like good bread crust. (Apologies if that’s a weird description but if you try the beer, it’ll all make sense.)
  3. Raisin’ Kane: this dark, rich Winter spiced ale isn’t really sweet, but its deep raisin flavors on a solid base of toasty grain notes tastes like drinking an oatmeal cookie.
  4. Cherry Pie cider: Ridiculously drinkable hard cider made with Michigan Montmorency cherries & Bucks county apples. Not cloying but not dry either — a tingly, sweet-sour concoction like a mouth full of cherry lifesavers.

Wait, what? WBC brews cider now? Nope — the cider is from Stone & Key Cellars in Mongtomeryville. “We like to support our friends in the industry,” explained owner Tim Gill, “And also, not everyone drinks beer, so it’s good to offer something else.”

True, that! Our friend Denise is doing the gluten-free thing, so she was thrilled to have a cider option. The tasting room had a wine choice too: Stone & Key’s 2015 Pinot Grigio rounded out the “menu.”

Speaking of menus — the tasting room has no kitchen, and neither have there been any food trucks at these Open Houses. No big deal, though, because YOU CAN ORDER FOOD IN! Seriously, we got our beer and ordered a pizza, it was awesome.

Last Friday, the folks from Philly Beer Week even came out with their famed “Hammer of Glory” — throngs of beer fans packed the place, and practically ran to the brewery when they saw Tim was ready to start his tour. (BTW, if you’ve ever been curious about what-all is going on here, WBC’s tour is free & fascinating.)

Keep your eyes peeled for more Open Houses as Wissahickon Brewing Company gets ready for their Grand Opening — soon!

Wissahickon Brewing Company
3705 W. Schoolhouse Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19129





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